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Ribbon's Professional Services organization includes hundreds of IMS and IP Voice specialists and partners, offering extensive technical depth, network breadth, and tools to assist customers in all aspects of IP communications and network modernization – including definition and design, implementation and volume deployment, continuous enhancements and optimization, and ongoing, end-to-end network support.  

Advanced Professional Services include:

  • Network Design & Planning:  the translation of customer application, feature and performance requirements into a High Level Design for the end-to-end Solution.  Solution & Business Consulting services align with engineering best practices including technology maturity, deployment feasibility, and operational maintenance. They provide an analysis of element functionality and determine its suitability within the targeted solution.

  • Proof of Concept (PoC) Development: demonstrates the feasibility of a planned multi-product, multi-vendor, end-to-end solution. PoC strategy involves Lab Validation, Solution Modeling, Risk Mitigation Strategy, Systems Integration, Interoperability, Protocol Validation and Certification.

  • Network Analytics, Optimization:  a suite of services, applications and tools that extract data from the network(s), determine current performance, assess optimum performance, and provide recommendations and implementation routes to achieve it.

  • API Integration, Adaptation Services:  for customers desiring unique application functionality beyond the base product, Ribbon offers the development of custom applications for the Ribbon Call Controllers and Application Server products.

  • Transformation Services:   Ribbon is a global leader in transforming legacy networks, having migrated over 40 million subscribers to IP across 14 major vendor switch types, specializing in streamlining and accelerating the migration of critical and complex legacy network environments to IP frameworks including IMS. 

  • Software Upgrade Services:  Ribbon annually upgrades hundreds of customer networks & thousands of elements to the latest feature-rich, revenue-enabling software content. Ribbon experts perform complex solution and product upgrades remotely, freeing service provider resources to focus on managing other critical tasks.



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