Netherlands-based BeterDichtbij is an innovative organization focused on improving the traditional doctor-patient connection with technology.  Their healthcare application makes it easy and secure for patients to connect with their healthcare provider, without making a trip to an office. BeterDichtbij’s “Direct in Contact with your Doctor” application is actively deployed by hospitals and several general practices throughout the Netherlands

Communications Challenge

Building an application for the general public is never easy especially when it is being used to help users manage their own health. The Direct in Contact with your Doctor app must be easy to use and provide a consistent experience that users trust. BeterDichtbij understood that they needed a partner that could ensure a quality communications experience so BeterDichtbij’s team could focus on the app user interface and workflow. 

Communications Solution

BeterDichtbij turned to KPN, the Netherland’s leading telecommunications provider.  Using the KPN API Store  BeterDichtbij was able to acquire Kandy video calling APIs that were easy to embed in their healthcare app.  BeterDichtbij quickly embedded the APIs into their solution without having to buy infrastructure or make significant up-front business commitments.  The result? With just a few taps on their smart devices, patients can have a face to face experience with their healthcare provider, even if they are hundreds of kilometers from the doctor’s office or hospital.

The Ribbon Difference

Kandy’s APIs are transforming how communications are being consumed.  The user’s location, even the device itself is transparent to the experience.  User interactions can naturally progress from one form of communications to another, for example from a text or email to a voice or video call, providing a seamless and useful experience.  Kandy makes it easy for innovators like BeterDichtbij to deliver a high-touch user experience while Kandy keeps users connected.

BeterDichtbij Testimonial for KPN API Store and