Perspectives19 Ribbon Speakers

John St. Amand - EVP, Analytics Business Strategy
Watch the KeynotePresentation Slides (PDF)

Sacha Gera - SVP Cloud & product Engineering | Kandy + Innovation in the Cloud Panel: Sergey Gerashchenko, Rob Kurver and Greg Johnson
Watch the KeynotePresentation Slides (PDF)

Patrick Joggerst - CMO & EVP, Business Development: Discussion with IBM, Hertz & Charter
Watch the KeynotePresentation Slides (PDF)

Kevin Riley - Chief Technical Officer
Watch the KeynotePresentation Slides (PDF)

Perspectives19 Guest Speakers

Sanjay Bhatia - VP Solutions Marketing | Ribbon + "Looking Ahead" Panel: Michael Brandenburg, Diane Myers, Courtney Monroe, and Irwin Lazar
Watch the KeynotePresentation Slides (PDF)

Eric Burger - Chief Technical Officer | FCC
Watch the Keynote

John B. Coyle - Chief of Telecommunications | DISA
Watch the Keynote

Greg Flick - Director of Key Accounts | Yealink
Watch the KeynotePresentation Slides (PDF)

Haley Katsman - VP Account Development | Highspot
Watch the KeynotePresentation Slides (PDF)

Geoff Moore - Director Voice Services, Infrastructure & Transformation | Bell
Watch the KeynotePresentation Slides (PDF)

Andre Reid - Sr. Director, Product Management | Poly
Watch the KeynotePresentation Slides (PDF)

Frank Shaffer - Head of Global Inbound | BT
Watch the KeynotePresentation Slides (PDF)

Shawn Sims - President & CEO | NuWave Communications
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Perspectives18 Ribbon Speakers

David Walsh - Founder, Kandy
Kandy in 20 minutes - Watch the Keynote | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Sacha Gera - SVP Cloud Products, Kandy
Kandy Live! - Watch the Keynote | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Kevin Riley - CTO and EVP Advanced R&D, Ribbon
Partnering on Transformation - Watch the Keynote | Presentation Slides (PDF)


Perspectives18 Guest Speakers

Michael Hermus - CEO, Revolution Four Group
Digital Transformation or Digital Apocalypse? - Watch the Keynote

Vince Curella - Sales Director | Data Center Group, Intel
The Network Edge: Emerging to Complete the Cloud Value Chain - Watch the Keynote

Matt Townend - Research & Consulting Director, Cavell Group
Surviving & Succeeding in a Maturing Market - Watch the Keynote

Mark Wohlfarth - Global CSP Sales - Network Ecosystem, Red Hat
Network Transformation Through Open Source - Watch the Keynote



Panel Discussions

Geoff Moore, Bell | Adam Macgill, BT | Robin Gareiss, Nemertes | George Karatzis, Verizon
Transformation Panel - Watch the Panel

Anuschka Diderich, KPN | Greg Johnson, AT&T | Peter Eropkin, Etisalat | Jason Nelson, Smart Cities Council | DJ Banta, Verizon
Innovation Panel - Watch the Panel



Perspectives17 GENBAND Speakers

David Walsh - President & CEO, GENBAND
Disrupt or Be Disrupted - Watch the Keynote | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Patrick Joggerst - EVP, Global Sales & Marketing, GENBAND
Welcome to L.A.! - Watch the Keynote | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Steven Bruny - COO, GENBAND
Digital Transformation Journey - Network Evolution - Watch the Keynote | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Paul Miller - CTO, GENBAND
NFV Live! - Watch NFV Live! | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Sacha Gera - SVP of Cloud Products
Kandy Live! - Watch Kandy Live! | Presentation Slides (PDF)


Perspectives17 Guest Speakers

Judit Andrassi - CEO, immmr
The Battle for Voice - A Telco Perspective - Watch the Keynote | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Greg Pelton - CTO & VP, Infrastructure Engineering, Polycom
The Workplace of the Future - Watch the Keynote | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Pam Chandor - VP, Global Industry GTM & Strategy, IBM
Innovation. Conversation. Trust. - Watch the Keynote | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Keate Despain - Director, Industry Enabling & Marketing, Intel
Network Transformation: Driving Intelligence to the Edge - Watch the Keynote | Presentation Slides (PDF)

Wendell Black - VP, Global Channels & International Business, Five9
Five9 & GENBAND: Better Together - Watch the Keynote | Presentation Slides (PDF)


Panel Discussion

Mark Winther, IDC | Lauro Cantu, MAXCOM | Bill Hurley, CenturyLink Jeffrey Prince, Verizon | Daniel Tibor Fuchs, Datora
Innovation Panel - Watch the Panel | Panelist Slides (PDF)