RibbonCare Support Services Update

Thursday, May 9th | 11am EDT

Join us for an informative update on all the all-new RibbonCare maintenance and support plan offerings.

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Key RibbonCare Webinar Topics:

  • Keeping software up-to-date
    • Take advantage of new software features and performance gains
  • Ribbon hardware repair options
  • Technical Support resources
  • Leveraging of additional value-added support services
    • Remote Software Upgrades, Training subscriptions, 24x7 Monitoring, Application Consulting, assigned Technical Manager (TAM), and more...

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Dino Persichino | Ribbon Communications
Dino Persichino
Services PLM
Ribbon Communications

WEBINAR: RibbonCare Support Services Update

Thursday, May 9th | 11am EDT


RibbonCare: Enterprise Care and Service Provider Care

Geographically, Ribbon has three global technical response centers these are the teams that you will typically first interface with regarding technical support in Mexico City, Prague, and Kuala lumper. They follow a extended follow-the-sun model across the three centers and so you shouldn't see any appreciable handoff. That allows us to give 24/7 response to both customers and yourselves. We have co-located with our development teams product specialists and the support organization and this is a very valuable resource that we're very proud of because it allows us to very quickly respond to the most challenging of issues or questions that might arise from you or your customers. These are located in Plano, TX, Raleigh, NC, San Jose, CA, Instanbul, and Bangalore are examples of those locations. We further extend that with local response centers where local language is very important and an example of that would be Tokyo. Again, we've been able to bring the scale, strength, and experience together under one support delivery organization and common set of processes.

Talking about the the maintenance plans, we offer four plans within the RibbonCare program. The first two plans are primary plans, distributor and partner care plans. These are offered to accredited partners who are directly supporting customers and therefore, Ribbon is not taking calls directly from the end customers. We're taking them from our credit distributors and either the creditor partners of our distributors or in some cases direct partners into the Silver and Gold partners. Those programs offer significant discount recognizing that you are taking the direct calls from your end customers and you are taking the responsibility of fulfillment with your own customers. We also welcome and appreciate the fact that our credit distributors and partners are integrating our offers within your offers and adding significant value added for specific customer situations or local market requirements. That's extremely valuable to us, but equally valuable, are those cases where our partners, maybe on a product specific level, will choose not to become support accredited. Therefore we offer Enterprise care and Service Provider care to allow your end customers to directly interact with Ribbon's support organization, requesting technical assistance, accessing software updates, patches, requesting RMA support, again directly interfacing with us. This is also a valuable offer for all of our partners. We have found that many large customers or regulated customers, hospitals, and governments will require the ability to directly interface with the OEM manufacturer for support and so Enterprise care and Service Provider care are the programs that allow us to offer that to you.

The top three technical support, software updates, and hardware support have been grouped for convenience into three packages. The Premium Enhanced Packages are primary packages, these are 24/7 technical support, access to software updates, and also providing you and your customers with critical issue response. What I mean by "critical issue response" this is that network of product specialists, should an issue impact your network availability or impact a critical business process, that team can be engaged literally within minutes. We also recognize that many of the environments and customer your customers have really don't demand that 24/7 online production sort of response capability. They're non-critical environments that might be a lab that's only active during business hours. For those situations, this is product specific, we do offer 8x5 technical support that's a return for repair RMA situation because again we're assuming that these customers are going to be self sparing or maybe you're providing spares to them as a value-added service. Maybe you're providing local exchange services and then using return for repair back to us to basically backfill local inventory that you may be stocking and wrapping your services around. We have software updates and download access this is a bit of a change for some of you that may have been familiar with the old Sonus basic standard support program where it was only limited to software patches were accessible under that service. In the RibbonCare structure, at this non-critical support level customers do indeed have access to updates and upgrades as well, that's the download access not not installation. So those are the three packages that are kind of the baseline services: technical support, software support, and hardware support.