GENBAND’s Unified Multimedia Communications solutions help administrators, staff and educators interact with each other and with students, whether in classrooms, roaming around campus, or over distance-learning platforms. Whether interacting through any number of mobile devices (tablets, laptops, smart phones), classroom, library or home desktops, through digital interactive signage and kiosks, or large flat screen displays, communications are immediate, vivid and capture the attention of a new generation of learners. 

Our solutions enable staff to be more productive by providing them with easy access to email, visual voice mail, instant messaging (IM), video messaging and unique consolidated messaging applications through multiple devices, so that they can communicate with each other in various ways. With our simplified, reliable and cost-efficient solutions, colleagues can connect at different campuses or schools, using video and audio web conferencing technologies, while simplifying IT management and lowering Total Cost of Ownership with our cloud capabilities. 


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