GENBANDCare Hardware Services

The GENBANDCare Hardware Services portfolio offers a wide range of hardware support options to address multiple needs and customer sparing strategies. From basic Return to Factory Repair to 4 Hour Managed Onsite Spares Support, GENBAND has a hardware support level to meet your needs. And the best part is that GENBAND is the only vendor offer certified repair and maintain current shippable baseline adherence on GENBAND hardware. Maintaining the most current shippable baseline repair, allows our customers to keep known issues out of their network and cut down on costly outages. GENBANDCare Hardware Service options include:

  • Return to Factory (RTF) Repair -10 Business Days (in North America) or 20 Business Days (ROW)
  • Next Business Day (NBD) Advanced Shipment Repair
  • Managed Spares Delivery (NBD to 4 Hour)
  • Managed Onsite Spares Delivery (NBD to 4 Hour)
  • 7x24 Web Portal access to open new RMA tickets or check status of existing RMAs
  • Hardware Re-Certification / Audit
  • Certified Repair for GENBAND product including DMS

Return to Factory Repair - GENBANDCare Return to Factory Repair service option enables timely repair coverage during the GENBANDCare contract period. Upon receipt of the defective product at the GENBAND repair depot, the GENBAND Repair Center will repair or replace on a like-for-like basis. Repair or replacement within 10 days (North America), 20 days (Outside North America) from receipt of defective unit at the GENBAND repair depot.

Advanced Shipment Repair - GENBANDCare Next Business Day Shipment service option provides proactive parts replacement dispatch on an advanced basis before the devective unit is sent back to GENBAND. This service provides repair support with a much quicker turnaround time over traditional Return to Factory Repair offering increased network protection. In the event of a hardware system or component failure, the appropriate replacement part(s) are delivered to you without waiting for normal repair service turn-around. GENBAND will ship advance replacements for defective hardware within Next Business Day of authorized RMA creation.

Managed Spares and Managed Onsite Spares - These support options are the premium level of hardware support offered to ensure the highest availability of mission critical systems.

  • Ensures that critical issues can be handled in the fastest manner
  • Unmanned sites are able to be supported
  • Minimize the need for customer owned spares

GENBAND’s Managed Spares programs provide fast, scheduled delivery of a replacement spare part to the customer location. Next Business Day (NBD) and 4 HR* delivery options are available.

GENBAND’s Managed Onsite Spares programs offer an enhanced level of support with a schedule delivery of both a replacement spare part and onsite field technician who will replace the faulty unit. Next Business Day (NBD) and 4 HR* delivery options are available.

*Subject to location and availability. Next Business Day options maybe available

End of Life Repair – Under a standard GENBANDCare support plan, repair coverage does not apply for End of Life hardware. GENBAND can create customized repair support offerings for coverage of certain End of Life GENBAND hardware to maximize long-term investment protection.



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