Kandy Wrappers for ISVs/SIs

Kandy provides developers with the SDKs and APIs to embed real-time communications (RTC) into their applications. However, not all ISVs have a developer team or resources to leverage the APIs and SDKs to provide custom applications to the users. Sometimes, they just want to be able choose a pre-built functionality and resell it or inject it into a website or web application with minimal customization. For those situations, GENBAND has created Kandy Wrappers.

Kandy Wrappers are pre-packaged, fully functional software applications that you can deliver standalone or insert into your website or application to endow it with embedded real-time communications capabilities. Kandy Wrappers allow ISVs to accelerate their time to market by significantly reducing their implementation efforts and costs.

Combined with our Kandy API offerings, Kandy Wrappers increase customer engagement, customer satisfaction and revenue. Kandy wrappers enable rapid service creation by:

  • Differentiating product and service offerings
  • Facilitating engagement, communication and collaboration
  • Simplifying the delivery of advanced customer service and concierge style applications
  • Easily improving any application or business process
  • Accelerating time to market with simpler, faster and cheaper development and deployment.
  • Revolutionizing e-commerce, healthcare, enterprise, social and collaboration applications

Types of Kandy Wrappers

Kandy provides two different classes of Kandy Wrappers:

  • Application Wrappers – complete applications that combine different Kandy APIs to provide a high level of functionality and rapid service creation. You can deliver them as-is or apply some customization to add your own colors and brand identity, but they are ready to deploy on the web, on desktops and on mobile devices. These provide the fastest time-to-market. Some examples of application wrappers are Visual Attendant, Live Support or Concierge.
  • Embedded Wrappers – functional modules or reference applications that can be inserted (embedded) into customer applications or websites. They complement an existing application by adding real-time communications capabilities. Some examples are Click-to-Call, Secure-Two Factor Authentication, or the Real-Time Communications client for Salesforce.

Communication Enablement for ISVs

Independent Software Vendors are facing fierce competition not only from their traditional competitors but from different business models. Cloud computing has shifted the foundations of the traditional ISV business space and customers are demanding more flexibility, more integration and more functionality.

Kandy Embedded Wrappers allow ISVs to rapidly embed real-time communications into their software making face-to-face human interaction part of the workflow. Being able to reach the right person to solve an issue at any point of the business process is just one click away.

Kandy Wrappers provide voice calls, video calls, messaging and collaboration functionality and let ISVs keep their focus on their core business while providing an engaging, rich and intuitive customer experience. And because they are pre-built integration times are reduced and can fit within the most aggressive development cycles.

Kandy Wrappers enrich ISVs functionality, accelerate time to market and reduce the cost of enabling communications in your applications. 



Case Study

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Kandy Wrapper: Live Support

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Kandy Wrapper: Visual Attendant


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