Kandy CPaaS for Enterprise

In today’s competitive business climate organizations need to find ways to get an edge on their competition.  Many have invested heavily in e-commerce tools, apps, and websites, making it easier for customers to research products, buy services and get support.  Ironically, if customers need more information they typically have to leave this experience to reach an employee. 

CPaaS Whitepaper

Kandy provides communication APIs and SDKs so that web developers can embed communications into these experiences.  No need to dial numbers or lose context, Kandy services can connect customers to employees or employees to employees.  Use voice, video, screen share, instant messaging and text.  Pick the right level of engagement for the task at hand.  And Kandy is a cloud service so your organization can try different options, paying only for what your customers use.

Kandy CPaaS provides

Kandy is built on Ribbon's own elements and supported by Ribbon staff.  Our heritage building large-scale networks assure that it's designed to meet service provider reliability standards and designed for a worldwide audience.  

  • Developer tools and SDKs
  • Sample code
  • Ecosystem partners
  • Voice
  • Video
  • Screen share
  • Instant messaging
  • Text (SMS)
  • Phone numbers (dial tone)

Learn more by visiting our dedicated website, Kandy.io

A Better Platform for Embedded Communications

The Kandy APIs and SDKs allow enterprises to integrate real-time communications into their own applications augmenting functionality and enhancing reach and productivity. For example, with Kandy, it is easy to integrate calling capabilities into CRM or any other business process/application using the enterprise's phone lines, numbering and voice features and preserving the existing investment in communications infrastructure.

Kandy adapts to enterprises of all sizes. It can be consumed from Ribbon's public cloud infrastructure or deployed in a hybrid model with key elements deployed in an enterprise network to improve performance and security. 

Advantages of Kandy Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

  • Improve productivity and customer interactions with communications-enabled applications and business processes (like multi-media sales and support  tools or client-less call centers)
  • Deliver real-time voice, video, messaging and collaboration capabilities both on the web and mobile
  • Provide more engaging user experiences with contextual communications (from within the business process or workflow)
  • Accelerate implementation with our Kandy Wrappers turnkey applications
  • Comprehensive solution includes RESTful API, plus libraries and SDKs for Javascript, iOS, and Android
  • Carrier-class availability and scalability, with 7x24 network monitoring and support