CS2100 Software

Ribbon's SE 19 software extends the value of CS2100 investments, assuring on-going Ribbon support, security enhancements, new capabilities, and additional migration paths. Ribbon has a proven track record of supporting CS2100 customers with impactful software updates, service and support contracts and experienced professional services engagements. We've also engaged with our CS2100 customers and reseller partners to find ways to deliver innovative new solutions including:

  • New hardware options for end of life elements
  • Best-in-class SIP phone support that emulates legacy TDM services
  • Compelling Smart Office UC clients for desktop and mobile
  • Market-leading contact center integration
  • Modern voice mail platforms with e-mail integration and options for transcription

New Migration Options - C20 on Rack-Mount Servers

SE 19 provides a graceful migration point for organizations that need to migrate off a CS2100 core. Many CS2100 deployments are saddled with legacy servers and hardware platforms that need to be refreshed. Ribbon's C20 solution offers a logical next step and eliminates reliance on proprietary, chassis-based, server hardware. SE 19 simplifies the migration process to a C20 platform delivered on Ribbon's MA-RMS servers, dramatically reducing footprint and costs. MA-RMS retains the resiliency, scale and features CS2100 customers require, without the substantial proprietary hardware they've come to expect. Migrating a CS2100 platform to C20 means lower migration costs near term and reduced operational costs longterm.

Enabling the Power of SIP, UC, and WebRTC

Upgrading a CS2100 delivers far more than extending the status quo. SE 19 opens the door to the latest revision of Ribbon's Application Server to deliver integration to industry-leading SIP phones and devices (access, control, emergency pedestals, etc) as well as one of the market's most innovative unified communication client portfolios, Smart Office. CS2100 can also work in concert with Ribbon's WebRTC gateway to communication enable websites and mobile apps.

Upgrade your Legacy Phone System

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