Kandy Business Solutions for Enterprises

Businesses are turning to the cloud to more cost-effectively deliver UC to mobile-first, multisite organizations. Kandy Business Solutions delivers a compelling alternative to traditional IP-PBXs without the upfront equipment costs, integration challenges and ongoing support hassles. IT staff can focus on strategic initiatives, not hardware maintenance. Employ Kandy Cloud UC as an enterprise-wide Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution or as a centralized session manager to tie together or augment premises-based phone systems. Unlike the competition, Kandy Cloud UC is designed to support and manage multisite, multinational organizations – not just small businesses.

Cloud UC Solution

Kandy Cloud UC, workers continue to enjoy a consistent set of traditional communications capabilities in addition to video, HD VoIP, audio/video conferencing and screen-sharing––from home, office or the road. Kandy Cloud UC is standards-based, so organizations can select from multiple brands of SIP-based endpoints as well as an extensive set of Smart Office UC clients for popular devices.  Kandy Cloud UC  also supports the latest WebRTC standards to deliver UC with just a web browser. Unlike competitors, there is no proprietary hardware lock-in or hidden licensing charges. Find out even more at Kandy.io

Kandy Business Solutions leverage Ribbon's Compelling UC Client Architecture

Cloud UC buyers expect a sophisticated client experience. Kandy Cloud UC delivers Ribbon's next-generation unified communications clients, Smart Office. Visit our Unified Communication Clients pages for a detailed overview of why Smart Office clients are designed to be less expensive to deploy and manage than the competition. Our patent pending Omni technology enables Kandy Cloud UC customers to deliver and centrally manage their UCaaS experience without constantly managing client distribution and updates.

A Cloud UC Service with a Carrier Pedigree

It's not always easy to understand whether a cloud UC solution is truly enterprise class? Simply judging the quality of a website or a few well-known logos may not be enough. The Kandy Business platform uses the same Ribbon elements that power over 27 million IP lines across the globe. At the heart of the solution is the Ribbon Application Server, the Application Server's carrier heritage enables it to scale to two million users across geographically redundant servers. This massive scale assures that your organization won't be left in the cold as it integrates multiple sites into the cloud, around the globe. Of course, it's also maintained by a team of telephony experts with thousands of years of collective experience.

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