Policy and Routing - PSX

Ribbon's policy and routing solution (PSX) is a highly reliable, yet extremely flexible, centralized routing engine for the enterprise.  PSX provides intelligent session control and optimizes both management and execution of routing and policy decisions.  PSX  enhances security with real-time assessment of allowable call routing and optimizes intra- / inter-enterprise routing to reduce costs of outbound calls. 

Features & Benefits

  • Intelligently manage communications sessions—routing paths, priority, admission control, etc.—based on a multiple policies including media type,source/destination and time of day/week
  • Makes routing decisions based on any parameter or header in the SIP message
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory for policy and routing decisions
  • Integrate multi-vendor environments to create centralized dial plans, including individual numbering and multi-country plans
  • Per call assessment for toll fraud, call blocking, and call admission control
  • With single point provisioning the chances of provisioning errors are significantly reduced