EdgeView Service Control Center (SCC)

The EdgeView Service Control Center (SCC) is the centralized interface to manage your VoIP infrastructure. It's graphical, easy to use interface allows you to monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve issues with your Hosted UC and SIP Trunking network. EdgeView SCC assists in readily solving customer issues leading to lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

EdgeView SCC works in tandem with EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge™ devices to provide a complete view of your network. EdgeMarc provides EdgeView SCC the data source for network edge performance monitoring, assistance with troubleshooting, and reporting. This environment provides greater insights into LAN-side issues and access endpoint diagnostics. Using Auto Provisioning, EdgeView SCC can speed installations and make them more accurate.

Orchestrate the Edge

EdgeView SCC provides visibility to all voice and data traffic and provides alerts/alarms for remote troubleshooting and management. As an example, EdgeView SCC can enable automated “triggers” that kick-off enhanced troubleshooting. This allows operators to be notified of issues and provide them with a toolset to determine the root cause. In addition, the EdgeMarc retains a “ring buffer” of SIP signaling that can be accessed via EdgeView. This means you always have a repository of packet capture data to look at real-time issues.