Converged Intelligent Messaging

Service Providers across the globe are aggressively using network transformation to reduce costs and expand the scope of subscriber services. There is a clear drive to reduce energy costs, shrink footprint and consolidate central offices. Too often the focus is only on core switching platforms leaving aging or obsolete messaging platforms untouched. These elements are often deployed on legacy platforms that are end-of-life, inefficient and ill-suited for today’s mobile-centric subscriber. Ribbon Converged Intelligent Messaging (CIM) offers service providers a compelling way to lower costs while enabling messaging services that differentiate their offer from the pack.

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Deployment

The CIM platform is built on a modern architecture that is field proven to scale with tens of millions of mailboxes in service in some of the world's largest service providers. Deploy on more traditional commercial off-the-shelf hardware (COTS) or in a next-generation NFV environment. CIM is NFV ready and already taking messages in a leading NFV deployment Regardless of the deployment model, Ribbon Converged Intelligent Messaging dramatically reduces footprint, power consumption and total cost of ownership vs legacy messaging systems.

Proven - Voice Messaging, Auto Attendant, Fax Server and More

Ribbon Converged Intelligent Messaging seamlessly blends voice mail, fax mail, and automated attendant services with next-generation intelligent messaging services, including voice to text, web portals and intuitive mobile applications. It's field-proven with deployments in some of the world’s largest service providers – fixed, mobile and converged – with and without IMS. It's also backed by proactive support from Ribbon services teams.