Insight Element Management System

Ribbon's Insight Element Management System (EMS) provides centralized, efficient management of the Ribbon portfolio of SBCs, gateways (GSX), and policy servers (PSX) in a customer's network. Insight EMS provides a complete FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) solution with a robust portfolio of management and provisioning tools. Insight EMS offers a mature, feature-rich management system providing a simple-to-use, graphical user interface and accelerated provisioning and management processes.

Insight EMS can be deployed as a standalone system, in a high-availability configuration for maximum system uptime, or in a geographic redundant configuration for site disaster recovery.  Insight EMS can also be instantiated as a virtual instance running on VMware or KVM, as a Virtual Network Function in an OpenStack cloud deployment, or on AWS in a public cloud deployment