Ribbon's OneEMS is a smart management solution for the distributed SBC Q21 Session Border Controller, which supports the separation and distribution of SBC signaling (SBC-ACS) and SBC media (SBC-AMS) components irrespective of the physical or cloud platforms on which they are deployed.

Real-time VoIP and video services can place unique demands on IP networks and service providers require tools to proactively manage service levels by providing element and network performance metrics to ensure optimal Quality of Service (QoS).

OneEMS utilizes a fully virtualized, software-only, high performance, model based, architecture to reduce element management complexity and simplify day-to-day operations. It provides centralized management of configuration, fault, performance and security functions, as well as intelligent insight into network performance through powerful data collection and reporting. OneEMS monitors quality and performance at the network borders, generating reports that provide essential visibility into edge traffic to enable network operators to perform optimal session border control for delivery of secure, rich multimedia services.

Advantages of OneEMS

  • Standard REST, SNMP and SFTP interfaces
  • integration with Operation Support Systems (OSS), web services, and Business Support systems (BSS)
  • compliant with full carrier-grade FCAPS standards
  • provides session data, SNMP, and performance metrics
  • robust set of reporting tools.