Security & Intelligence

Real-time communications traffic continues to explode. With the growing shift toward Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) and cloud-native architectures new openings have emerged for attacks against real-time communications that were not possible on previous-generation networks.   In a 2017 global fraud survey, the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) estimated there were approximately $29.2 billion in fraud loses alone. 

Moreover, with dynamic changes to network traffic, and inefficient network planning tools you need an end-to-end, turnkey solution to deliver detailed insights of your RTC network to maintain service level agreements and quality of service for your customers. 

Ribbon’s suite of security, fraud management and intelligent network operations solutions for RTC networks enables you to turn potential threats and key performance indicators (KPIs) into actionable information.

Security & Intelligence Portfolio

Fraud Management Applications

With the wide varieties and inherent complexities of SIP and VoIP protocols, real-time communication networks…

Intelligence Applications

Intelligence Across your Entire Communications Network

Ribbon Protect

The Ribbon Protect platform empowers service providers to respond to real-time communications (RTC)…

Security Applications

The Ribbon Security applications suite will detect and alert you to malicious VoIP traffic flows.  In…

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