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To keep your communication network running smoothly you need a solution to achieve intelligent service quality through proactive analytics designed to improve user experience and reduce operational costs. From monitoring Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk group solutions for performance to analyzing call detailed records (CDRs) to solve issues, Ribbon suite of intelligent operations applications enables you to turn Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into a better Quality of Experience (QoE) for you and your customers.  The Ribbon Intelligence applications suite includes:


To keep your communications running smoothly you need a solution to monitor and report on service quality through proactive analytics designed to improve user experience and reduce operational costs. With the Monitor application you can gain a composite view of voice quality and network performance as it changes.  Your overall quality of experience will be improved by having a holistic view of your communications network operations.

Features and Benefits

  • Expert System rules that correlate KPIs and alarms for maximum efficiency
  • Better decision-making
  • Optimize network investments
  • Strategically enhance customer experience


Finding and solving real-time communication network issues can be difficult or non-existent without the proper tools or end-to-end views.  The Discover application enables network wide troubleshooting and alerting capabilities on based on KPIs and other metrics that cross thresholds.  Network operators can quickly identify Quality of Experience (QoE) issues surfaced by various dimensions, isolate and drilldown on network problems and ensure quality for their customers.

Furthermore, Discover provides end-to-end SIP call ladder diagrams to visualize and troubleshoot the flow of SIP packets between different RTC network elements. Through a combination of filters, labels, ordering and narrowing-down the traffic you’re interested in, you can generate an easy to follow view across disparate network elements that can assist in debugging and traffic analysis.

Features and Benefits

  • Proactively diagnose complex service issues and hidden trends
  • Drill down on individual calls
  • Aggregation across the network
  • Network-wide SIP call ladder diagrams


Understanding your real-time communications utilization trends are essential to avoid any outages or capacity overloads.  The Planner application, equips you with network wide forecasting and capacity planning reports that are used to project call volumes of normalized to historic traffic patterns and their impact on system resources. This enables you to create “predictive” views of usage and behaviors to accurately and proactively forecast increased traffic demands on your RTC network.

Features and Benefits

  • Operations focus on issues before customers complain
  • Performance Planning
  • Trending and Forecasting


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