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Whether education means K-12/primary schools, a community college or a major university, Ribbon has solutions to keep faculty, staff and students connected. Whether the task is to connect PBXs with secure SIP trunks, simplify and secure Microsoft Skype for Business deployments, migrate legacy Nortel PBXs or migrate to a hosted cloud UC solution, Ribbon is ready. It's no surprise that we are already the heart of communications in some of the world's preeminent education institutions. Ribbon has the scale, resiliency, security and cloud migration choices organizations need.

Mobility and Innovation

School administrators must constantly walk a tightrope, balancing their young students' deep engagement with the hottest communication tools vs the limited technical skills of some faculty and staff. Ribbon's unified communication tools, communication APIs and Skype for Business integration can help administrators provide mobile solutions that are relevant to students and staff.

Campus Scale

Major universities can be the equivalent of an entire municipality with hundreds of buildings, police, fire and maintenance staff. Of course, this is in addition to their core mission of education. That's why Ribbon's service provider heritage is so important, our solutions were designed for the scale and resiliency a campus community requires. Many enterprise vendors just can't deliver Ribbon's scale or our ability to seamlessly transition these campuses from legacy TDM to standards-based IP communications

Cloud Choices

Most universities have decommissioned dorm room phones, dramatically reducing the scope of their communication requirements. Likewise, K-12 and community colleges need a way to modernize without burdening CapEx budgets. Ribbon has multiple solutions to migrate select users or an entire campus to the cloud. Organizations that desire to move to Skype for Business can do so securely with Ribbon solutions. 

Nortel and Microsoft Migrations

Ribbon already supports Nortel SL-100 and CS2100 deployments. Our C20 and Application Server can protect the value of existing Nortel investments, including CS1000 endpoints. Ribbon solutions can also accelerate and secure migrate to Skype for Business deployments, either on-premises or from Office 365.

Session Border Controllers Overview

Session Border Controllers (SBCs) work behind the scenes to ensure that voice, video and data communications flow smoothly and securely between networks and the people who use them.

Microsoft Direct Routing for Enterprises and Businesses

Ribbon SBCs, certified for Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, are flexible enough to support single-site secondary education through nationwide higher education operations with tens of thousands of users. They have a versatile applications solution module, providing connection to the Microsoft Phone System, Active Directory integration, and branch survivability. In addition to hardware-centric solutions such as the SBC 1000, 2000, and 5000, Ribbon’s virtual SBC, SWe Lite, (available either cloudbased from the Azure Marketplace or running as a VNF on a corporate server) is a cost-efficient and powerful solution for securing real-time communications (RTC).

Ribbon SBCs are your line of defense against telephony related attacks such as Denial of Service and toll fraud. Key capabilities include:

  • Topology hiding (Back-to-back user agent)
  • DoS and DDoS policers
  • TLS/SRTP Encryption
  • Malformed packet protection
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Security and Analytics for Universities, Banks, and Healthcare Businesses


Secure Connectivity

Ribbon's delivers secure communications to campuses as well as remote users. Our solutions are uniquely qualified to transition organizations from TDM to IP while simplifying network elements, enabling new services and reducing expense from legacy voice-only networks. Ribbon SBCs protect the UC network, at wire speed throughput, from devastating DoS attacks, as-well-as maintain full session capacity while running multiple services.

Ribbon Analytics and Ribbon Protect

The Ribbon Analytics platform empowers education to effectively monitor and respond to cyberattacks, fraud, and network operational issues. It’s a virtualized solution that quickly and easily integrates with your existing RTC network investments. Ribbon Protect, a component of the Ribbon Analytics platform, receives information from various network elements – such as Ribbon SBCs and other 3rd party communication network devices - and analyzes it for various RTC security breaches and service quality issues. The Ribbon Analytics portfolio allows you to view end-to-end call flows, diagnose service quality issues, as well as make automated security enforcement decisions based on quantitative RTC network information. Using Ribbon Protect, these decisions can be pushed to any “enforcer” anywhere in the network

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Securing SIP Trunking and Service Assurance

Ribbon’s combined solution of EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge devices and the EdgeView Service Control Center enable educational institutions to secure their varied locations and manage them on an ongoing basis. EdgeMarc devices deployed at each location provide Quality of Service management, SIP security, and business continuity, as well as detailed performance data on every SIP session. EdgeView takes this data and aggregates it across the entire network, giving you a single pane of glass view on how your locations are performing.

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