SIP Trunking for Enterprise

Saving Money without Compromising Security

The new generation of enterprise IP-enabled communications is defined by a shift in the way enterprises view their network - from one of enabling communications to unifying communications. These unified communications (UC) blend different types of media (voice, video, chat) and applications (collaboration, conferencing and file sharing) together into a broader user experience than simply a point-to-point, voice-based conversation typical in a traditional TDM architecture.

Take advantage of these rich experiences and yet also ensure that enterprises can continue to use their existing PBXs, ACDs, and other legacy investments to keep costs down, an SBC is needed to ensure interoperability between SIP and other signaling protocols.

A key part of this interoperability is SIP trunking. SIP trunking gives enterprises a compelling way to leverage their data bandwidth spend for voice communications. Using IP also eliminates the distance limitations of TDM or analog connectivity, making it easier to centralize and rationalize trunking capacity in multi-site environments. The combination of connectivity savings, capacity savings and the opportunity to consolidate total spend with a single SIP trunking provider can result in dramatic savings. Ribbon has multiple solutions to simplify the transition to SIP trunks as well as maximize cost savings.

Leveraging the same infrastructure for voice and data offers compelling ROI. Most organizations have already invested in securing their data communications and their data network infrastructure. However, in many cases that same level of diligence may not have been part of their SIP trunking and unified communications deployments. Ribbon can help, with security solutions designed to protect both business communications and access to communication infrastructure on the shared network.

Ribbon SBCs deliver robust SIP trunk signaling and media security including traffic policing, Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack detection and blocking, along with protection from rogue Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) traffic. Ribbon's SBC portfolio provides a complete range of solutions, from highly scalable solutions for centralized locations to cost-effective branch office options.

SIP Trunking Features & Benefits

Ribbon's solutions for SIP trunking serve as the cornerstone of an IP-based communications infrastructure that secures communications while enabling dramatic advances in the efficiency.  

  • Complete security for signaling and media, including traffic policing, Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack detection and blocking, and protection from rogue Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) traffic. Preventing unauthorized third parties from accessing your UC network by hiding network addresses and names.
  • Ensure privacy by enabling encryption of media (SRTP) and signaling (IPSec/TLS), without sacrificing scalability.
  • Improve interoperability by mediating SIP communications between different devices.
  • Provide TDM-to-SIP and SIP-to-SIP interworking between your PBX installed base and interconnected networks as you transition your network
  • Extensive interoperability testing with SIP trunking providers, third-party PBXs, IP phones and other devices
  • Extend investment value by easily scaling capacity requirements as traffic demands increase.
  • Save staff time by setting routing and dial plan policies in one place, for the entire network