Intelligent Messaging

Many enterprises are burdened with voicemail platforms that are nearing end-of-support and carry rapidly escalating maintenance contract costs. Ribbon’s Intelligent Messaging solution offers a cost-effective alternative for even the largest multisite, multivendor environments. In many cases, organizations can deploy a Ribbon solution for less than what they pay today for maintenance contracts. Intelligent Messaging’s flexible user interfaces make migration of legacy voicemail platforms less expensive by reducing retraining costs. And it can be deployed on-premises as virtualized software or purchased as a cloud service from Kandy Business Solutions.

Nortel Callpilot and Octel Voicemail System Replacement

The Ribbon intelligent messaging solution seamlessly blends voicemail, automated attendant services, as well as fax messaging, creating a messaging server that supports the replacement of a Callpilot, Octel or similar legacy voicemail system. Users can stay productive with rapid access to messages on the device of their choice: telephone, e-mail or web portals. Listen or read messages with voice-to-text transcription. Intelligent messaging helps companies spend less and get more.

Intelligent Messaging Server Advantages

  • Premises or cloud deployment options
  • Comprehensive feature set including automated attendant,  email integration, and fax messaging
  • Compelling speech to text (transcription) option
  • Integrates with legacy Nortel platforms including SL-100, CS 2100 and CS 1000
  • Proven interoperability in multi-vendor PBX environments
  • Telephone interface emulation streamlines adoption and avoids retraining