Kandy SIP Trunking as a Service for Enterprise

Kandy SIP Trunking as a Service is a cloud-based solution, sold by Kandy Partners, that combines worldwide connectivity with SIP trunk security and PBX federation capabilities. Kandy SIP Trunks extend existing enterprise PBX investments by enabling:

  • Secure, cloud-based, multi-site SIP Trunk connectivity - worldwide
  • Enhanced business continuity 
  • User-centric session management
  • Mobility 
  • A wide array of SIP and WebRTC based overlay services 
  • World-class unified communication services
  • An API platform for continued innovation.

Carrier Grade 

Ribbon's service provider heritage means that we always deliver carrier-grade geo-resilient cloud infrastructure and a high-quality, global, IP network, Kandy SIP Trunks can be delivered over private connections as well as accessed from via a public internet connection. Kandy SIP Trunks brings cost efficiencies by removing the rigidness of bundled PRI structure and allowing enterprises to dynamically add SIP Trunk capacity on as needed increments. 

Intuitive Portal Administration

An intuitive self-service provisioning portal helps organizations accelerate enterprise transformation and free up IT staff to focus on strategic business initiatives instead of managing basic communications infrastructure. A single portal manages all site so there's no need to learn/manage different solutions in different regions.


A Stepping Stone to Cloud UC

Kandy SIP Trunks can be used with existing PBXs as well as serve as the first step to a cloud-based UC solution - either Kandy Business Solutions or Microsoft Office 365.  It's easy to connect PBXs users and cloud-based users in a single dial plan so as sites migrate to the cloud there is no disruption to the rest of the organization.

Combine with Microsoft Skype for Business/ Teams


Kandy SIP trunks can be deployed in conjunction with Microsoft Skype for Business /Teams.  Deploy with a Skype for Business Server or Office 365.