Ribbon Advantage

As enterprises transition to IP-based Unified Communications (UC), they encounter new and different requirements for security, call routing, interworking and network management. Existing network solutions such as next-generation firewalls do not provide the robust security or session control capabilities that UC demands. Ribbon Advantage provides a UC-centric platform that allows enterprises to quickly, safely and efficiently transition to real-time IP communications without exposing their network to security or quality issues.  

Ribbon Advantage is available as a value-priced bundle that allows enterprises to scale their UC environment from a single office to multiple regions easily and cost-effectively. As a pre-integrated, vendor agnostic solution, Ribbon Advantage enables enterprises to quickly adopt IP-based communications in their network while minimizing risk, disruption and delays.

Features & Benefits

The Ribbon Advantage solution focuses on three key benefits for enterprises:

  • Security that protects the network, ensures customer privacy and meets industry compliance requirements
  • Interworking of legacy equipment for multi-vendor IP networks, video devices, FAX machines, IVRs, and media transcoding
  • Intelligent session control including centralized dial plans, centrally managed policies, call/session state awareness, least cost routing and adaptive overload controls

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