Residential Services

OTT and mobile services continue to erode the residential voice market. Communications service providers must dramatically reduce cost-to-serve while introducing differentiated services. Only Ribbon makes it possible to significantly reduce the size and cost of core network’s footprint, retain legacy last-mile infrastructure and offer innovative residential VoIP services from the same platform.

Rich Communications Services that Reconnect Subscribers

Ribbon can restore value, offering compelling alternatives to OTT competitors. Ribbon delivers rich communications services to any WebRTC-based browser, reconnecting subscribers to their home number – even when they are away from home. Self-service management portals and mobile messaging offer subscribers a new experience without sacrificing the feature and regulatory support required for legacy services. And only Ribbon has a global professional services organization to ensure transformations happen on-time and on budget.

Residential Services Advantages

  • Dramatically smaller infrastructure footprints lower cost-to-serve
  • Unique capabilities to support legacy last mile and new VoIP services
  • Field-proven solution with millions of deployed lines
  • Low cost, WebRTC-based browser-clients compete with OTT offers
  • Certified and field-proved with a wide variety of MSANs, IADs and MTAs
  • Global design, installation, and support services ensure rapid time-to-market and sustained profitability