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Kandy provides SDKs and APIs to embed real-time communications (RTC) into consumer and business applications. However, not all Communication Service Providers (CSP) have a developer team or resources to leverage the APIs and SDKs to provide custom applications to the users. Sometimes, they just want to be able to choose a pre-built functionality and resell it or inject it into a website with minimal customization.

For those CSPs that are more used to deploy products than building apps, Ribbon has created Kandy Wrappers.

Kandy Wrappers are pre-packaged, fully functional software applications that you can deliver standalone or insert into your website or application to endow it with embedded real-time communications capabilities. Kandy Wrappers allow CSPs to accelerate their time to market by significantly reducing their implementation efforts and costs.

Combined with our Kandy API offerings, Kandy Wrappers increase customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and revenue. Kandy wrappers enable rapid service creation by:

  • Differentiating product and service offerings
  • Facilitating engagement, communication, and collaboration
  • Simplifying the delivery of advanced customer service and concierge-style applications
  • Easily improving any application or business process
  • Accelerating time to market with simpler, faster and cheaper development and deployment.
  • Revolutionizing e-commerce, healthcare, enterprise, social and collaboration applications

Reconnecting the Communications Service Provider Value Chain

The massive applications revolution of the past decade has placed the communication service providers (CSPs) in a very unfavorable situation. CSPs face two main gaps:

  • Skillset – the tools, protocols, and methodologies used for application development are very different from the ones used in the CSPs and their professionals have a high learning curve to adapt to the new model
  • Speed and time-to-market – CSP cycles for the introduction of new services are typically measured in months and many times in years but today's applications are put together and launched (even as beta products) within weeks, or even days.

The traditional applications model has also triggered a commoditization of the transport layer, the typical kingdom of the CSPs. The business buyer of today perceives the value to be in the application layer, with the application provider. Too many years of OTT applications piggybacking on the CSPs networks has elevated their providers to the problem solver role (and worthy of payment) while relegating the latter to the mere carriers of information. Other Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) models are hurting instead of helping by adding another layer between the buyer and the transport provider but Kandy brings the value back to the CSP.

Kandy Wrappers reconnect the value chain by enabling the CSP to offer a complete solution while leveraging their trusted brand and go-to-market expertise and at the same time leveraging its control of the access network to be able to provide a more competitive pricing.

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Kandy Wrappers Value Pyramid

Kandy Wrappers Value Pyramid