STaaS - Kandy SIP Trunking

Businesses have already decided, they are migrating legacy T1's, PRIs and analog lines to SIP trunks and it's not "if", it's "when". Kandy SIP Trunking as a Service (STaaS) eliminates the common barriers that prevent service providers from taking full advantage of this market

Advantages of SIP Trunking as a Service

  • Kandy's "as a service" model removes CAPEX constraints that can hinder SIP trunking availability
  • Deploy Kandy SIP trunks in your service area as well as dozens of countries worldwide - don't give away out of area revenue...
  • The Kandy team has go-to-market tools that accelerate revenue and eliminate internal bottlenecks
  • Platform agnostic - no need to upgrade legacy switches or worry about hardware integration
  • Kandy cloud-based -- built on the same carrier-class Ribbon elements that power service providers worldwide
  • Ribbon service and support - services team that already understands your business

Deliver SIP Trunks In or Out of Your Service Footprint

With the rapid migration to SIP trunks it seems only natural that every provider would have a robust set of SIP trunking offers.  However many providers have struggled to deliver consistent service across their footprint and many more have no solution when a large account needs SIP trunks out of their service area.  The result is lost opportunity and lost revenue...

Kandy STaaS is a market ready solution that can deliver SIP trunks worldwide. There's no need to upgrade legacy central offices or worry about which CO  the customer is closest to.  Cloud delivery means the same services across the globe, regardless of your infrastructure.  Use limited resources to focus on sales and marketing, not system integration.  Best of all the solution is delivered from the Kandy cloud, built from the same carrier-class Ribbon elements that support millions of SIP trunks around the globe.