WebRTC Gateway Solutions

Kandy Link, Ribbon's WebRTC Gateway (formerly known as SPiDR), provides an intelligent bridge between Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks and the open ecosystem of the Internet. WebRTC services make it easy to embed communication services into web pages or almost any application. As an example, Kandy Link provides a compelling way to web-enable contact center access, eliminating the need for customers to dial a separate toll-free number and reducing the need to traverse menu trees. Kandy Link performs a number of federation services to transform SIP communications to WebRTC or vice versa, so organizations can retain their SIP-based call control (App Server, PBX, contact center, etc.) and offer tools that embed real-time communications into business applications, websites, processes, and workflows. 

Scale and Resiliency

Kandy Link is built on a software base that serves carriers around the globe. That means it's designed for five 9s reliability, with redundancy and serviceability as part of the core architecture. This is in stark contrast to many of the open source projects in the market focused on niche deployments. Kandy Link is built to be a critical element in the call flow, ready to perform 24 X 7.


The Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway sits at the edge of the network and provides open, web-centric APIs that allow application developers to leverage the rich communications services of the telecommunications network including voice, video, presence, shared address book, call history, instant messaging, and collaboration. The Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway seamlessly and intelligently interworks both the signaling and media planes between the web and telecom worlds and is offered as part of Ribbon's solutions for service providers and enterprises.

Enabling WebRTC based clients

Kandy Link introduces Web Real-Time Communications capabilities into Ribbon's cloud-ready Application Server solution and offers WebRTC soft-clients that simplify the deployment of unified communications and collaboration. Ribbon's Smart Office is a next generation UC client that deliver a stylish and intuitive UI that is dramatically less expensive to deploy and manage. Designed using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, and leveraging Kandy Link's REST APIs, our clients provide a multimedia user experience and allow subscribers to easily access their services in a casual manner from any web-capable device, or more deeply integrated with the operating system via Ribbon's patent-pending Omni Technology.

Vertical Market Solutions & Contact Center Integration

Kandy Link allows operators to exploit the capabilities of their communications networks via simple, RESTful APIs. By partnering with other market-leading organizations and vertical market experts, Ribbon is delivering breakthrough custom solutions that allow its customers to maximize revenue opportunities and win the battle for customer loyalty. With Kandy Link, communications become an integral part of the business processes and workflows for healthcare, education, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, finance, government and virtually any enterprise vertical.