Mobile Marketing Solutions

The Ribbon Analytics’ marketing solutions enable operators to identify subscriber usage data and location information internally with their marketing departments while fully complying with subscriber privacy policies.  The Ribbon marketing solutions include:

Marketing Analytics

The Marketing Analytics solution takes the guesswork out of decision making and strategic planning. The solution provides a 360° view of aggregate usage across the network, and delivers actionable intelligence from network usage and other operator-supplied CRM data.  This solution processes all web and application usage to profile subscriber behaviors and trends across a broad range of analytic dimensions and metrics.

Features and Benefits

  • Discover distributions and trends by demographics, plan types, and regions.
  • Monitor Weekly Scorecard reports to identify emerging and declining web content, mobile application usage, application downloads and device models.
  • Pinpoint the best content publishers and application pre-load partners for revenue sharing opportunities and marketing programs.
  • Monitor device launches, identify buyer’s remorse trends, and plan upgrade promotions.
  • Locate the most effective web properties for advertising campaigns and promotions.
  • Compare consumer engagement across different brands.
  • Spot data usage trends for more timely and directed infrastructure investments.

Subscriber Profile

The Subscriber Profile solution allows mobile operators to segment and profile their subscribers based on data usage patterns, interests, and content preferences. The Subscriber Profile solution, together with data from operator CRM or 3rd party user segmentation data, enables a complete view into subscriber behavior. Marketing, product, and pricing teams use this information to plan and fine-tune operator service plans and offerings, and enable strategic decision-making for increased retention and enhanced customer lifetime value.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced pricing analysis. Enable pricing plan decisions based on insight of data usage, behavioral patterns, and segmentation.
  • Develop enhanced customer lifetime value scores.
  • Assess the existing composition of usage behaviors and trending in order to model new shared data or specialized service bundles.
  • Segment users based upon usage distributions, content affinity, device preferences and geography to assess new service plan options.
  • Increase ARPU by zeroing in on customers with greatest spending potential with tailored communications, promotions and offers.
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs through targeted marketing. Increase revenue by upselling and cross-selling the latest devices.

Data Usage

Ribbon’s Data Usage solution provides new visibility into account and line-level usage, enabling mobile operators to address bill shock issues and data-related queries from subscribers. This leads to reduced refunds, higher customer satisfaction and the potential for upselling subscribers to higher-value usage plans.

A Data Usage portal lets customer care agents view subscriber usage during live calls. The associated API allows operators to enable the self-care model by providing the same account and line-level visibility through their branded mobile applications. This reduces the volume of calls into their contact centers, which results in lower customer care costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimize bill shock by educating subscribers on how they consume their data.
  • Increase ARPU by upselling a higher data package to customers based on their usage.
  • Raise the Net Promoter Score through improved customer satisfaction and experience.
  • Reduce case handling time with an easy-to-use interface and keep the customer care agent focused on what matters – good, fast customer care.
  • Decrease customer care costs by providing customers self-service apps to monitor and modulate their data usage.
  • Allow unobtrusive tracking of customer care agents and ensure efficiency in answering subscriber questions and solving problems.

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