Mobile Operations Analytics

Ribbons’ Mobile Operations Analytics provides operators with a comprehensive network view across multiple dimensions, including network element, cell, and device. This solution helps operator network planning and engineering teams to understand network trends and troubleshoot network issues.

Enabled from Ribbons’ big data analytics  platform, these solution provides operators with detailed views of cell usage and congestion levels, devices, APNs, DNS servers, as well as information about roaming subscribers, e.g., identifying which operator networks the subscriber traversed.  The Network Operations analytics include solutions for areas such as:

RAN Congestion Management

The RAN Congestion Management solution allows operators to detect peak times of network utilization/congestion and initiate the right traffic management techniques to maintain the highest QoE across voice, video, SMS/MMS and broadband applications in real-time. Ribbon’s RAN Congestion Management solution delivers a single, unified view into the overall operational efficiency of each network; providing granular visibility into subscribers real-time QoE as they transition between 3G/4G/WiFi. It also enables operators to manage subscriber QoE during times of peak network utilization with real-time traffic management.


The VoLTE/RCS solution provides operators with both a network-wide view, and an element-level view, into VoLTE traffic on their networks. The solution captures VoLTE specific metrics such as jitter, lost calls, VoLTE-to-VoLTE calls, and MOS scores. This set of insights is used by network planning and engineering teams to understand network trends, and troubleshoot VoLTE-specific issues.

The solution provides subscriber-level VoLTE insight. Operators have access to the number of VoLTE calls and the subscriber experience related to each call. The solution also enables operators to better trouble-shoot subscriber issues, as operators can drill down to individual session records.

As operators launch VoLTE services, this solution provides a comprehensive view on the performance of VoLTE at the network and subscriber level.



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