Monetization Analytics Solutions

The Ribbon Analytics’ monetization solutions enable operators to monetize subscriber usage data and location information internally with third parties, while fully complying with subscriber privacy policies.  The Ribbon monetization solutions include:


Ribbon’s Advertising solution provides the industry’s deepest, most comprehensive understanding of subscriber segmentation. The solution identifies how, where, and when to reach certain market segments. It also identifies subscribers who are more likely to consume certain content, thereby enabling more successful advertising initiatives.

The solution also provides a methodology to capture subscriber IDs that can be fed into 3rd party advertising platforms for accurate data matching.

Features and Benefits

  • Targeted advertising: Enhanced segmentation can be used to target users to appropriate advertising and marketing messages.
  • Media planning: Segments can also be used to find the right properties to advertise content.


Ribbons’ Publisher solution enables operators to monetize publisher analytics reporting as a service with 3rd parties by offering in-depth analysis into mobile usage across both the web and mobile application properties of a publisher. This contextual insight empowers brands to understand the composition of their current mobile web and applications presence, benchmark against peer brands, and fine-tune their programs, campaigns, and product development strategies.

The Publisher solution’s web user interface displays detailed metrics for aggregate mobile usage covering each Publisher’s respective brands with breakdowns across a range of analytics dimensions.

Features and Benefits

  • Provide a turn-key solution that an operator can brand and roll out quickly via numerous monetization strategies.
  • Use as a discovery platform to identify other operator advertising, campaign, or revenue sharing opportunities.
  • Administer (within the platform) operator privacy policies required for 3rd party sharing.
  • Enable brands to track performance and trends by demographics, device types, regions, and different engagement metrics.
  • Enable 3rd parties to compare consumer engagement across different brands and to benchmark competitor performance and demographics in the same categories.
  • Use Anova Dynamic Learning, which is a self-maintaining solution, to discover new, emerging publisher web and application brands, and categorize them across a rich taxonomy.
  • Track traditional HTTP traffic and brand trends toward secure HTTPs usage.


Ribbon’s Campaign solution tracks and analyzes advertising or promotional campaigns launched by 3rd party advertisers and operator marketing teams on the mobile web, apps, or within an operator’s own property, in a privacy-compliant manner.

The Campaign solution not only enables advertisers and operator marketing teams to plan and monitor campaigns, but also enables retargeting by identifying the campaign participants. The Audience Analysis component enables operators and media planners to tune campaigns for a better yield.

Features and Benefits

  • Measure advertising and identify revenue opportunities for operators without compromising the privacy of their subscribers.
  • Track performance of active campaigns using standard advertising metrics like impressions, clicks and click-through rates.
  • Provide comprehensive device and browser-based reports that verify current campaign targeting parameters and enable fine-tuning.
  • Enable accurate tracking of campaign impressions across the mobile web using publisher performance reports.
  • Tune campaign device targeting parameters through device performance reports.
  • Increase reach and targeting of the intended audience using Audience Analysis.
  • Retarget advertising based upon current campaign performance.

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