Threat Intelligence Sharing

As service provider security teams attempt to secure their networks, they often end up using a variety of products and solutions. The wide range of available options almost guarantees that these disparate products and solutions will rarely if ever interact with each other. This causes a myriad of problems, both from a security and an operational perspective. 

Ribbon solves the security isolation issue by sharing the threat intelligence derived by these individual solutions across the network. Ribbon not only reduces the management silos, but also greatly reduces the threat landscape.

Ribbon Security

Threat Intelligence Sharing Features & Benefits

  • Ribbon reduces manual intervention and reduces additional management silos. One of the biggest challenges in a layered security operation is dealing with the various management interfaces. This slows operational tasks and is prone to human error.
  • With shared threat intelligence, a more pragmatic approach is available when considering black/white listing. For example, being able to employ an implicit deny with the appropriate whitelist greatly reduces the attack vectors hackers may use to infiltrate an environment

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