Telecommunications service providers are among the most intensive users of communications services of all industries.  However, with so much of their focus, CapEx, and attention spent on providing state-of-the-art services for their customers, providing for their own internal communications systems can be a challenge.  Having hundreds of telecom operators as customers, GENBAND recognizes that telecom personnel of all types often shift between their mobile and desktop equipment, and like every other enterprise, they utilize a wide variety of devices, alternative service providers (fixed, mobile, or Over-the-Top), and service types such as chat, text, and email in their daily communications.

Our SMART OFFICE is one of multiple GENBAND solutions that provide a broad spectrum of capabilities to consolidate and enhance the telecom user experience.   It provides advanced capabilities to unify and consolidate voice and multimedia communications across networks while empowering their employees to be more productive, more collaborative and communicate more efficiently and effectively.  SMART OFFICE enables consistency of service interfaces and functionality across all end users and devices, simplifying dialing plans, and providing useful features such as one number identities, unified messaging, and federated, cloud-based address books. GENBAND’s solutions also work across all networks and premises platforms, whether TDM or IP, and across all devices – whether tablets, smart phones, laptops, kiosks, flat panel displays, interactive kiosks and even interactive television and Internet access installed in trains, buses and planes. 


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