Vodafone Fiji

Vodafone Fiji is a 100% locally owned company operating as a partner of Vodafone, a leading global mobile and fixed communications company with over 440 million proportionate customers worldwide. Vodafone Fiji has over 750,000 active connections on its Network and circa 96% population coverage in Fiji.

Vodafone Fiji offers 4G LTE network services on par with global mobile network operators, as well as broadband and ICT services. Vodafone Fiji is the market leader with circa 90 percent market share and was one of the first networks in Fiji to become all IP.

Why Ribbon solutions?

The move from TDM to IP is one of the compelling reasons they found Ribbon to be the perfect solution, to connect to tier 1 operators using Session Border Controllers (SBC) as well as enabling services like UC in the Cloud.

Why Ribbon SBC?

SBC's from Ribbon came out on top because of three main features on the basic platform 1) Network security and traffic policy 2) least cost routing 3) quality of service to manage the customer experience.

Benefits of Ribbon's Application Server?

A lot of Vodafone’s customers were looking at PRI’s however at that point they were not geared up to provide PRI services and so Ribbon's Application Server was a perfect solution. It gave the capability to offer PRI and provide the billing interface into existing networks, as well as the capability to do SIP to local PBX’s.

New Opportunities with UC in the Cloud

There was also another opportunity especially in the SOHO and SME market to offer cloud PBX as an option, to completely convert from a CAPEX to an OPEX model. They already had many customers asking about UC capabilities especially in terms of video collaboration. So with the cloud PBX solution they were able to offer some of these “fantastic” solutions, plus the ability to use soft clients when users go overseas. That is a perfect replacement for high roaming charges and as long as users have data connectivity they are able to sell them the application as a standalone service.

What’s coming with Kandy Wrappers?

kandy wrappers is a pre-packaged solution you can almost take to market immediately. This is only a next step into a bigger thing which is going to evolve later on

Why Ribbon?

The best thing about Ribbon and Vodafone is that the collaboration has been so great - they never saw each other as a VENDOR and a customer, but always saw each other as a partner. Apart from being available almost 24 x 7 for Vodafone, Ribbon was able to organize everything they wanted in terms of trouble shooting, or babysitting the network, or cutting over, training, advertising and marketing. The great thing was they loved the single point of contact to organize everything. It’s a real partnership, Ribbon really “works with us and help us” to package a solution and help take it to market - “you don't normally see that in vendors!”

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