Security Analytics

Behavioral analytics has made a noticeable impact in the overall security threat detection community. However, the Unified Communications (UC)community is still largely underserved regarding behavioral analytics and anomaly detection solutions. With the variety and inherent complexities of SIP and VoIP protocols, UC environments will benefit greatly from the added value of behavioral analytics and anomaly detection to deter or eliminate many types of fraud or theft attacks.

Secure your UC Network - Ribbon Security

Did you that Unified Communications threats are different from traditional IP traffic and not secured by firewalls? Ribbon helps secure your UC network and avoid toll fraud instances and DDoS attacks ...


Yet, even with behavioral analytics and anomaly detection, assuring the integrity of UC services usually means an enterprise IT team will need both visibility and control over, a variety of disparate products. Unfortunately, these disparate products will rarely, if ever, interact with each other. Ribbon solves the security isolation issue by taking a unique integrated approach that collects data from multi-vendor network elements and then distributes security policy across various security domain. This also results in the reduction of management replication and greatly reduces the overall threat landscape.

Features & Benefits

  • Establish a well-defined baseline for what is categorized as “normal” so deviations from this baseline can be quickly identified.
  • Centralize the detection and auto-mitigation of UC attacks and threats
  • Establish a comprehensive and correlated view of attack/threat activity that otherwise evade existing point solutions.
  • Stop toll fraud by continually analyzing call metrics during work and non-work hours.
  • Mitigate complex Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attacks
  • Shared security intelligence, with a whitelist implicit deny to reduce attack vectors used to infiltrate your environment.
  • Minimized firewall / SBC configuration issues by sharing enforcement policies