National and regional research and education networks are strategic assets that bolster economic competitiveness and are also a showcase of high tech excellence. They must support a broad range of applications:

  • Ultra-fast high-performance computing collaboration
  • Classroom teleconferencing
  • Special links with virtually zero latency
  • Researching and exhibiting next generation networking technologies themselves.

All of this enables high performance and agile collaboration.

Why Ribbon?


High Performance

Computing collaboration


Scalable Solutions

Broad range of needs



For innovation and experimentation


Easy to Operate

Minimal staff

Ribbon Knows RENs

Research and Education Network Solutions

Research and Education Network Solutions


Ribbon has a record of accomplishment worldwide implementing RENs, from national to regional RENs, as well as smaller university networks. Ribbon’s REN solution encompasses a flexible high bandwidth optical backbone, IP connectivity, management and automation, as well as value-added communications services.

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Research and Education Network Webinar

Upgrading the Optical Backbone

GRNET, the Greek National Research And Education Network, had the objective of upgrading their optical network to create a platform on which to pioneer network and computer technologies. They also wished to enable the development of innovative ICT applications for their constituents. Tasos Karaliotas talks to us about the needs of their network, and how working with Ribbon enabled them to achieve their goals.

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Upgrading the Optical Backbone

Ribbon Optical Solution Testimonials

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High Speed ICT Innovation Platform

SURFnet, the Dutch National Research and Education Network, wanted to expand network performance and reliability in order to exceed the expectation of their demanding connected institutions. Moreover, SURFnet wanted to introduce new capabilities to their network, for better efficiencies and performance. Ribbon helped by upgrading their optical backbone.

SurfNet Case Study
High Speed ICT Innovation Platform

Open Optical Systems: Just Because You Can, Does It Mean You Should?

Open Optical Systems: Just Because You Can, Does It Mean You Should?

Some of the latest industry discussions relate to open optical systems. There is no question that open optical systems which decrease vendor dependence are possible. But there are a number of ways to implement open optical systems in the Research and Education sector, each with their own set of pros and cons. In this In this GÉANT webinar Ribbon explores the trade-offs of various options, in an NREN context and charts a path forward.

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