Placement:  The Ribbon logo may only be used in close proximity to, or in obvious connection with, a published article or broadcast news story about Ribbon or a specific Ribbon product or service

Form and Size:  The EPS logo, for print, must be used as provided with no changes except to proportionally resize the logo. Minimum width for the logo is 1 inch for web and 3 inches for print.  Do not use the Ribbon logo without the logotype. 

Spacing: Clear space around the logo is equal to the height of the text in the word Ribbon.

Background: Ribbon has several different logos available for use -- including a color logo with grey text and an all-white logo. Choose the all-white logo based on the contrast and readability of the background color. Use the 2-color logo with grey text on white or light-colored backgrounds. If the logo will appear on a black or dark background use the all white logo.

For detailed guidelines, please read our logo guidelines.

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Ribbon Logos

Vertical Logos

IP Wave and Telco Cloud Logos

Ribbon Colors

Ribbon Grey - R75, G75, B75; HEX 4b4b4b; CMYK C66, M58, Y57, K38 Pantone Cool Grey 11C

Ribbon Fuchsia - R255, G0, B127; HEX FF007F; CMYK C0, M100, Y22, K0 Pantone 205C

Ribbon Cranberry - R233, G5, B117; HEX E31C79; CMYK C0, M100, Y22, K0 Pantone 213C

Ribbon Plum - R192, G5, B158 HEX C0059E; CMYK C28, M100, Y0, K0 Pantone 247 C

Ribbon Purple - R126, G0, B185 HEX 7E00B9; CMYK C66, M93, Y0, K0 Pantone 267C

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