Ribbon’s Session Border Controller Cloud Native Edition (SBC CNe) delivers best-in class real-time communications security. Designed using cloud-native architecture and operational principles, SBC CNe reduces the cost and complexity of securely connecting a wide range of VoIP services. SBC CNe delivers:

  • VoIP Security (topology hiding, encryption, protection against Denial-of-Service attacks and much more)
  • Proven interoperability with leading cloud UC and cloud contact center services, IP-PBXs, SIP endpoints and SIP trunking providers
  • Powerful media services including extensive media transcoding

SBC CNe has been designed based on a microservices architecture deployed in containers using Kubernetes for lifecycle management. This architecture dynamically scales up to meet increasing demand and scales down when traffic is light, reducing cloud compute costs.  The cloud native design inherently provides a high degree of resiliency by loosely coupling services such that a software operation can fail without impacting other active services.  Furthermore, SBC CNe is designed to seamlessly integrate into a customer’s observability framework with APIs to many open-source applications.

SBC CNe is managed by Ribbon Application Management Platform, a common solution used across the Ribbon portfolio making it an integrated part of a multi-product, multi-site Ribbon deployment.  A customer deploying SBC CNe can take advantage of Ribbon Automation to simplify and automate cloud-native operational processes for software delivery, testing, lifecycle management, and provisioning.  

AvidThink Telco Cloud and Edge Report 2023

Next-generation foundations for communications workloads

Session Border Controller Cloud-Native Edition

Ribbon's Session Border Controller Cloud-Native Edition (SBC CNe) embodies Ribbon’s innovation, knowledge, and expertise in cloud-native design, and experience in deploying SBCs in the most demanding environments.

Designed using microservices, with automated Kubernetes lifecycle management, SBC CNe optimizes cloud resource allocation, enables dynamic scaling, and provides resiliency and redundancy. SBC CNe ensures service providers can deploy a carrier-grade SBC providing robust network security, overload controls, SIP protocol normalization, SIP Recording, SIP over WebSocket, IPv4-IPv6 interworking, and extensive media transcoding.

Service Provides will be able to leverage cloud-native benefits and still be able to meet or exceed the demanding requirements needed to secure services such as SIP trunking, Network-Network Interconnect, Unified Communications, Contact Centers, or just to migrate from TDM to IP peering.

Like all of Ribbon's Core SBCs, SBC CNe Call Detail Records and KPIs are key inputs for Ribbon Analytics to assist network operators with robocall/fraud detection and mitigation.

Relationship With Cloud-Native PSX

Given the disaggregated, containerized, microservices nature of a cloud-native architecture, SBC CNe is designed to seamlessly interwork with Ribbon’s cloud-native PSX (PSX CNe) for access to the full range of policy & routing features and functionality.  This differs from  Ribbon’s virtual SBC (SBC SWe) which allowed for an embedded policy and routing function, but with significant limitations.

Managing SBC CNe with RAMP


Ribbon’s SBC CNe requires the deployment of our centralized Ribbon Application Management Platform (RAMP) that offers, centralized Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security features. RAMP provides licensing management required for any SBC CNe feature. With RAMP, a customer gets intuitive, reliable, scalable, and automated management, so they can quickly and easily manage deployments, provision configurations, identify and remediate issues, deliver improved customer experience, and do so at reduced operational costs.

RAMP itself is designed using cloud-native principles and can be deployed in the same data center and public or private cloud environments as the core SBCs.  RAMP is deployable in standalone or high-availability configurations, including options for geographic redundancy.

RAMP can also be used to manage any SBC in the Core SBC portfolio, whether they be deployed in any combination of data centers and multiple private or public cloud environments.

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Cloud-Native SBCs for CSPs Whitepaper

Hardware, Virtual, or Cloud-Native Is Deployment Flexibility

In looking at our Core SBC portfolio, you may notice the similarities between the SBC CNe, SBC SWe, SBC 7000, and SBC 5400. We certainly hope so. One of the most important benefits of Ribbon’s Core SBC portfolio is they all use the same application layer software.  This means our customers can mix and match and easily choose the best product deployment models that fit their environment.

Each product delivers the same robust security services, protocol interworking, and media transcoding capabilities. SBC CNe is unique in its cloud-native design and deployment using containers, while the SBC SWe supports a wide range of deployment options on a variety of hypervisors and private or public clouds.  And the appliance-based SBC 7000 and SBC 5400 provide a traditional datacenter option if that is the preferred deployment model.

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Our Carrier Heritage Matters


Ribbon’s Core SBCs run in the largest telecom networks in the world as well as many of the largest cloud solution providers. That means there’s a good chance that your Ribbon SBC could be connecting to another Ribbon SBC. It also means that every Ribbon Core SBC is designed from day one for high-volume, high value deployments.

Ribbon SBCs are a linchpin that secures and ensures robust real-time communication services.  We understand what “five-nines availability means and how to ensure it, whether your SBC is deployed in a private datacenter, a private cloud, or even in a public cloud.

We understand that no communications are of higher value than your own.  


The Ribbon Difference

No other SBC provider can match Ribbon’s complete solution for communications security, solution integration, and value. More importantly, those capabilities are backed by Ribbon people. Our solutions are built by Ribbon R&D teams, sold by Ribbon sales staff and authorized Partners, and supported by Ribbon services teams. We are the leading the market for:

  • Cloud Native Technology- Ribbon’s SBC CNe leverages microservices deployed in containers with lifecycle management using Kubernetes, plus Ribbon automation and seamless integration into a customer’s observability ecosystem.
  • Scale– Based on traffic demands, SBC CNe elastically scales up without a finite limit and scales back down to optimize cloud resource utilization
  • Open Architecture– Unlike some of our competition, the SBC CNe leverages common cloud native application. It’s built to support open standards and integrated with a broader set of of Ribbon solutions for threat mitigation and nuisance call mitigation.
  • Proven– Billions of minutes of use run on each of our solution elements. It’s no accident that many of the world’s largest telecom providers and the fastest-growing cloud UC and contact center providers depended on Ribbon SBCs.

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