Eliminate Manual Testing for Faster Software Upgrades

Service providers and large enterprises often rely on outdated or unsupported software to power their communications networks. These diverse and complex networks support multi-generational infrastructure, systems, and devices, and must always maintain uninterrupted, continuous operations. However, many organizations choose to accept known software issues and security vulnerabilities rather than face the potential risks and resource-intensive schedules involved in upgrading software to its latest release. Ironically, the longer organizations wait to upgrade, the more cumbersome this manual process becomes, requiring multiple upgrade steps, a greater risk of system integration failures, and an increase in the testing workload.

Ribbon LEAP eliminates manual testing processes. It offers a faster, more efficient, and easier way to test network software, reducing risk and dramatically simplifying the software upgrade process.

LEAP Forward to the Latest Release!

Automate Test Script Generation and Execution

Aptly named, Ribbon LEAP seamlessly propels organizations forward to the latest software release through testing automation. Harnessing the power of AI, LEAP expedites software upgrades to deliver faster and more efficient processes, facilitating monthly and yearly upgrades with ease. LEAP delivers more than just a generic set of test scripts. It automates the generation and execution of test scripts and continuously learns your network, building custom test scripts to match. This ensures all new call flows, devices, and network connections are covered. Through this adaptive process, LEAP expands test coverage, ensuring that your unique test cases are always included.


The Challenging Realities of Software Deployment

Service Providers and Enterprises experience:


Manual, time consuming, and limited testing


Complex, multi-step software upgrades


Slower rollout of new features


Security vulnerabilities and non-compliance

Overcome Testing Obstacles with LEAP Automation

In today's fast-paced world where technology is rapidly evolving and customer behavior is constantly changing, manual testing is no longer enough to ensure the smooth functioning of complex communication networks. The risk of service outages and security breaches is high, and businesses need to take proactive steps to safeguard their infrastructure. LEAP provides a solution to the testing challenges of upgrading software in complex communications networks. With LEAP, service providers and enterprises can easily overcome obstacles such as limited testing resources and lack of testing bandwidth on even the most complex, multi-step software upgrades. LEAP enables faster rollouts, improved test coverage, and significant savings through AI-powered testing automation.

Experience better business outcomes in year one!




Faster Software Rollouts

Automated Testing for Faster Upgrades



Savings in Year One

Eliminates Resource-Intensive, Manual Testing



Improvement In Test Coverage

Test Coverage for Call Flows, New Devices, & Connections

Fewer Service Disruptions and Proactive Detection of Network Issues

LEAP Defends Against Security Vulnerabilities and Risk

Through continuous network monitoring, LEAP identifies potential network and compatibility concerns before they escalate. By broadening test coverage and minimizing risky manual interventions, LEAP reduces the risk of errors and compatibility issues that may lead to service disruptions.

LEAP testing automation makes easy work of implementing the latest software release. Staying current with software upgrades helps to safeguard against known security threats and vulnerabilities. It also improves software performance. LEAP reduces downtime and helps safeguard data and networks by keeping your software current.

Maximize Savings Through Efficient Software Upgrades

Organizations typically invest twelve-to-eighteen months manually testing software before it is deployed into a network. However, LEAP’s powerful automation reduces the need for labor-intensive, manual testing. It simplifies testing processes, speeds up test cycles, and reduces the strain on resources, resulting in quicker and more frequent upgrades. By doing so, LEAP saves costs, time, and effort, while ensuring faster bug fixes, enhanced security, and software compatibility across the network.