Virtual C3

Ribbon’s Virtual C3 transit and trunking solution provides network operators with TDM/IP, IP/IP Interconnect, IMS, signaling & media interworking, and transcoding capabilities.

Virtual C3 enables robust services for the most demanding service environments including comprehensive routing, translations, screening, database interface (e.g., LCR, toll-free, prepaid), media gateway control, and protocol interworking. It supports commonly used regulatory functions such as Lawful Intercept, Emergency Call Routing, and Number Portability.

Ribbon’s Virtual C3, deployed using KVM, offers in-service migration from existing C3 appliances to the virtualized configuration. This enables service providers to modernize their implementation and decommission legacy servers completely. Multiple C3 virtual machine (VM) instances can run on a single server pair, improving deployment density, and minimizing capital and operating expenses.

C3 Call Controller Datasheet

The Time is Coming!

TDM and SONET networks are at the end of life.  The technicians are retiring, the equipment is aging, and the spares are sparse. Will your network be ready?


Why Virtual C3

  • Deployment Choices: Flexibility to run on a variety of rackmount servers, either Ribbon or customer-provided.
  • Modernize at Your Own Pace: Sustains other legacy elements of an existing network, enabling a phased approach for network modernization
  • Cost Savings: Integrated functions and services enables operators to reduce operational complexity thereby gaining operational savings. Multiple C3 VM instances can run on a single server pair, improving deployment density, and minimizing capital expenses.

People You Can Count On

Ribbon has Professional Services Teams to Assure a Successful Migration

Ribbon’s Professional Services organization has hundreds of experienced voice specialists and partners; our staff averages over 15 years of experience. It’s no surprise that individuals of this caliber have extensive technical depth, network breadth, multi-vendor expertise, and have developed specialized tools to accelerate migrations.

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The Ribbon Difference

Ribbon is Ready

The telecom vendor landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Longstanding solution providers were acquired or merged and no longer focus on the service provider market. Others have exited the market in one manner or another.

However, Ribbon is investing in your future by virtualizing the C3 Call Session Controller. We continue to expand our investment in Telco Cloud, including process automation that delivers new deployment choices and cost savings.

We are ready for what you need today and what comes next.


Ribbon is Ready

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