Professional Services

Ribbon offers comprehensive Professional Services to support our industry-leading IP communications solutions. As a recognized global leader in Network Transformation, Ribbon provides a wide range of services offerings to help communications service providers and enterprises transform their communications networks, accelerate their return on investment, optimize their operational capability, enhance their network's performance and health, and help them generate new revenue streams. We offer complete life cycle services from planning and design, to deployment and integration, test and verification, migration, and network operation. With a local presence in over 20 countries on 5 continents, Ribbon Global Services provides both a local presence, and global scale coverage to help drive our customers’ success.

Network Deployment Services

Ribbon offers a comprehensive suite of definition, deployment & integration services to streamline deployment of Ribbon’s products and solutions and to help customers integrate Ribbon solutions into our customer’s existing network infrastructure. Whether deploying a premise based Ribbon solution or deploying services from the cloud, Ribbon Professional Services can help our customers deploy new revenue generating network services, remove obstacles, and accelerate time to in-service and revenue generation.

Network Modernization Services

Ribbon Professional Services helps service providers and enterprises evolve and transform their communications networks from legacy environments to secure IP and cloud-based architectures running on the latest technology and software releases. With unparalleled experience and a track record of success, Ribbon applies proven, repeatable processes, proprietary purpose-built tools, and rigorous project governance to minimize risk, prevent service interruptions and to deliver on-time and with the highest quality. Whether upgrading existing networks to new feature-rich software releases, replacing outdated platforms with new or virtualized technologies, or embarking on a complex Fixed Network Transformation or Mobile Network Evolution project, the world’s largest service providers and enterprise customers have entrusted Ribbon to bring their real time communication networks into the next generation.

Customization Services

Ribbon understands that not all customers are the same and that success in the market comes from how you differentiate your network services. Our customization services are designed to help customers drive increased adoption and stickiness from their offerings through branding, custom applications, and API integration and adaptation.

Consulting Services

With a global team of experienced service professionals who understand how to help you reach your goals for real time and cloud-based communications, SIP session management and a rich multimedia experience for your subscribers, Ribbon offers both skills and deliverable based consulting services to help you maximize your network investments. Whether you need help planning and designing your network, defining best practices, securing, or operating your real time communications network, Ribbon’s experienced team can be your trusted partner.

Staff Augmentation

Ribbon Staff Augmentation Services help our customers remove obstacles such as skills gaps, workload peaks, and staffing shortages in order to accelerate the introduction of new technologies and services or to free up existing customer resources to enable increased focus on key projects Ribbon can provide highly experienced resources across a wide variety of skillsets from day to day network operations, database & routing configuration, service activation and more.

Managed Services

The cost of interruptions to mission-critical real-time communications and multimedia data can be significant. Ribbon’s Incident Management as a Service (IMaaS) offer provides proactive monitoring and expertise necessary to help ensure that your Ribbon 1000, 2000, 5000 and 7000 Series SBC’s are working as intended at a fraction of the cost of building and staffing your own solution so you can concentrate on running your business. Incidents occurring within an IMaaS-monitored environment are correctly identified and driven to resolution at a greater velocity given the familiarity and immediacy of Ribbon’s Managed Network Operations Center (MNOC) and Technical Assistance Center (TAC) teams. IMaaS can be coupled with subject matter expert support and maintenance support services to provide a holistic monitoring and management solution.

Request SME services

SME services include the requesting scheduled services. Offerings include expertise in the following areas:

  • Implementation
  • SIP Encryption and Security
  • Method of Procedure (MOP) Development
  • Signaling (STP/DSC)
  • Class 5 Switching (T7000)
  • Virtual Mobile Core (VMC) and Mobile Client / Activation Server
  • Subject Matter Expert Knowledge Transfer
  • Technical Testing

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