This document serves as the cookie transparency notice (“Cookie Notice”) for visitors to the Ribbon Academy website (the “Website” hosted at  This notice is complemented by the Ribbon Privacy Policy.

Data Controller

Ribbon Communications Operating Company, Inc., a company registered in Delaware with offices at 6500 Chase Oaks Blvd. Suite 100, Plano, Texas 75023 (“Ribbon”), is the operator of this website through its use of the Thought Industries learning management platform.

What is a Cookie

A cookie is a small piece of data (text file) that a website – when visited by a user – asks their browser to store on their device in order to remember information about them, such as their language preference or login information.

Cookies can be installed either directly by websites visited by the user or by third parties with which the website is related.  Cookies allow the website to keep track of the user's activity on the website or on other related websites, including: the location from which the user is accessing the website, the access event time, the device (wireline or mobile) used to access the website, the operating system and browser used as well as the most frequently visited websites.  They also provide data on the user's browsing habits.

To learn more about the origin of cookie technology and their value to the broader user web experience, website visitors are encouraged to visit Cookiepedia (All About Cookies).

Strictly Necessary Cookies

The Website uses the following strictly necessary cookies so that the site functions in a technically reliable and secure manner while allowing for certain visitor interface personalizations.









Thought Industries

Used to ensure a learner or administrator remains logged in. The authToken cookie is a JSON web token (JWT) that stores a random identifier. The authTokenExpires cookie stores a timestamp that is used to determine if the authToken has expired.






Thought Industries

These cookies are essential for authentication. The csrf-token and koa:sess cookies store a random identifier. They are used to protect against Cross Site Request Forgery attacks during the authentication process.  The corresponding ".sig" cookies serve as a signature which confirms that the cookie has not been altered.




These cookies support certain learning platform access controls.



Thought Industries

This cookie remembers if website visitor acceptance of cookies has previously occurred.

1 year


Thought Industries

If learner registers with the Ribbon Academy or completes a Ribbon Academy online form, we will use this cookie to remember your preferred training language selection details during your current visit and any future visits.

When Learner Clears Cookie

Analytical Cookies

The Website uses the following analytical cookies to allow us to count visits to and improve the performance of the Website.






Thought Industries

This cookie allows the site to track website “visits” (15 minute increments of activity on website)  in support of website visit reporting.  If the visitor leaves the site, and returns after 15 minutes, a new visitID cookie is dropped.

15 minutes

Revision of the Cookie Notice

Ribbon reserves the right to change this Cookie Notice at its discretion subject to business or legal requirements. If we modify the Cookie Notice, we will post the revised statement here, with an updated revision date.

Contact Details

Any visitor queries regarding this Cookie Notice, or if you are an individual with a disability and require access to this policy in an alternative format, please contact us at:

Ribbon Legal Department

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Plano, TX 75023

Revision Date

April 11, 2024