Ribbon continually pushes beyond today, proudly securing real-time communications, transforming networks and developing new cloud applications for generations to come.

The world is more complexly woven together than ever before, impacting the way we live, work and play. When it comes to our communications experiences, we want them to be seamless, convenient and secure. But delivering critical real-time communications means going beyond speed and security to a more comprehensive, engaging, contextual, all-encompassing experience. 

Nanoseconds matter in the digital realm, and so does ease of use. There is no room for disconnect, disarray or danger, and no time for cumbersome, non-intuitive experiences. Embedded real-time communications are helping us become more productive and efficient, but connectivity and security must be tightly threaded in harmony, chain-linking end points with absolute clarity. We need a way to bind our worlds innovatively, elegantly, and safely. We need impervious, flexible channels that can intertwine, live atop and dive into any environment, braiding together the global criss-crossings of life and work.  

This is Why We Are Ribbon

Born to serve as the real-time communications pivot point for all our worlds, Ribbon starts from the beginning and lives at the ends. It wraps around the digital world, serving as the connection, the underlying electronic fabric of connectivity, the sentinel keeping close guard and the real-time communications technology evolving at the pace of life.

Ribbon is Ready

Ready to upend old ways and establish new pathways and protocols. Ready to thread the needle, serving as the lifeline stitching it all together. Ready to defend and preserve quality and identity. Ready to feed the embedded, intuitive communications experiences that are moving our world forward. Ready to start the new wave of real-time technology connectivity our world needs today. We are Ribbon.

We are Ribbon

At Ribbon, our culture defines us. Our relentless focus on the customer, coupled with our entrepreneurial spirit, has solidified our position as one of the market-leading solutions leaders in the global telecommunications industry. Our culture’s foundation is based on our core values of innovation, imagination, execution and ethical responsibility. These shared values provide the platform for our employees, allowing them to share a global connection while simultaneously celebrating our diversity.

  • Respect - We are inclusive of ideas and people. We show regard for one another, our customers, our partners, and our communities.
  • Excellence - We do what it takes to get the job done right, in our solutions, our operations, and our customer service, internally and externally.
  • Accountability - We live up to our commitments and hold each other responsible. How we work together impacts what we do and how we are perceived.
  • Leading-Edge Thinking - We innovate to meet our customers’ needs, adapting and using our entrepreneurial spirit to better serve our customers and build enterprise value.

We Are Ribbon - We operate as responsible corporate and global citizens. We are ethical in our dealings and inclusive in our approach. We believe that everyone: colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers, should be treated fairly; with respect and dignity. We value our brand as it represents our people, our products and the communities in which we live and work.

We continuously reward contributions and engage employees in fun and meaningful ways because we adamantly believe in celebrating our people and their achievements.

Together we can make a difference.

We recognize that in order to build long-term value for our markets, customers and employees, we must consider the way our company operates in the social, cultural, economic and environmental domains. Along the entire spectrum of our work, from R&D to building and supporting networks, and the applications that run on those networks, we are mindful of the impact our approaches have and are pleased by the opportunity to contribute to a better world through more open and available collaborative communications experiences.

We are known for our expertise in transforming networks, security and supporting the largest communications networks, delivering world-class solutions to service provides, enterprises and governments around the world. Ribbon is in a unique position to make a long-term and sustained difference for our societies and planet. Our “triple bottom line” focus recognizes that our business success is deeply connected to the world we serve. While some businesses chase economic gain, often at the expense of others, we recognize that a failure to account for social and environmental impacts would make such business practices unsustainable. We therefore operate with a great awareness and commitment to doing things the “right way” – and we have been rewarded for many years as we are able to attract talented, like-minded professionals to our team, and engage with our customers and our communities in quality relationships.

Ribbon Global Day of Service

Around the globe and around the block, the Ribbon Team steps our every year for our annual Global Day of Service. Members of our team serve in serveral different capacities.