Mobile and fixed network operators need to continue to invest in network transformation.  To keep and capture new customers, new services need to be easier to introduce. Services need to be supported by the dynamic allocation of network resources to cost-effectively scale up or down based on demand. The operational processes and costs of deploying, managing, and upgrading their networks, and the applications that run on them, need to be simplified and automated.

Network transformation is a process that sometimes goes (fairly) quickly, but more often, it is a multi-year, phased process. We have seen these play out in many previous cycles over the years and now we are in the midst of a transition to cloud-native networks.

Ribbon Telco Cloud

For many service providers, cloud-native is the next step on the network transformation journey.  Network functions have already transitioned from being implemented on physical appliances (proprietary hardware), to software-only instances on virtual machines, to virtual network functions with orchestration in private and public clouds, to now becoming cloud-native network functions that are implemented as microservices deployed in containers and managed by automated cloud-native operations.

Ribbon’s answer is our Telco Cloud software portfolio is designed to work across these hybrid environments and to enable network transformation at the right pace for each service provider and for each specific network function


Telco Cloud Solutions


Business Services

Ribbon's unified communications and secure SIP trunking give service providers the solutions they need to support business customers


Cloud Native Networks

Ribbon’s Telco Cloud portfolio is designed to work across hybrid environments and enable network evolution at the right pace


Fixed Network Evolution

Ribbon's market-leading fixed network modernization portfolio has transformed over 1000 Legacy Switches


Mobile Network Evolution

Ribbon's Common IMS Core provides seamless interconnect and roaming network functions


Rural Voice Services

Ribbon Voice Sync delivers a software-centric solution that is cost-effective for smaller providers

Introducing Ribbon's Telco Cloud

Ribbon Telco Cloud

Ribbon Telco Cloud is the portfolio of cloud-native software that enables real-time, cloud-based voice communication services delivered over private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. Services enabled by Ribbon Telco Cloud include Voice Over LTE (VoLTE), Voice Over New Radio (VoNR), business and residential Voice over IP (VoIP) services, and VoIP network connectivity. Ribbon Telco Cloud ensures secure and efficient voice service routing and policy control, voice call and session management, service assurance and network monitoring, and voice fraud prevention.

Ribbon Telco Cloud delivers more than just these voice services. It also delivers customer value by enabling service velocity, reliability, and dynamic scalability, yet doing so at reduced costs. It does this by taking advantage of cloud-native design and automated cloud-native operations for software delivery, testing, provisioning, and lifecycle management.

Telco Cloud Iso
Telco Cloud Defined

Cloud-Native SBCs for Communication Service Providers

Transitioning Networks to Cloud-Native

Evolution of service provider’s mobile and fixed networks to cloud-native architectures and service delivery, means transforming not only their network infrastructure, but also the network functions software used for service delivery and the associated network operations.
Network transformation has already been happening in multiple stages, starting with migration from physical network functions (PNFs) running on proprietary hardware, to software-only network functions on virtual machines running on hypervisors on COTS appliances to virtual network functions (VNFs) implemented with network orchestration. And now the next step is the transformation to cloud-native network functions (CNFs) implemented as microservices deployed in containers and managed by automated cloud-native operations.

Ribbon’s Telco Cloud portfolio enables services at all stages of the network transformation journey.



Telco Cloud Transition

Cloudification & Transformation of:


Mobile Networks


Fixed Networks


Network Operations

Cloud-Native Operations and Automation

Ribbon Telco Cloud embraces cloud-native Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) practices to align with our customer’s adoption of CI/CD in their own cloud-native operations.  As an integral component of Ribbon Telco Cloud, Ribbon Automation is a set of well-defined processes that are standardized across all Ribbon applications. Designed to easily integrate into our customer’s automation environment we can automate software delivery with tightly integrated automated testing and automated provisioning to enhance speed to market and reduce deployment issues.

Once a Ribbon product or service is deployed or upgraded, our customer’s cloud-native operations will dynamically perform lifecycle management for service scalability.   If desired, customer traffic profiles can be created to provide a feedback loop for planning and the integration of customer-specific data to strengthen the testing of Ribbon’s software.

As a provider of hosted services, Ribbon is our own customer, where we have adopted CI/CD practices and utilize Ribbon Automation to simplify and streamline our cloud-native operations

Telco CI/CD


AvidThink Telco Cloud and Edge Report 2023

Next-generation foundations for communications workloads

Ribbon Telco Cloud Software Portfolio

•Ribbon’s Telco Cloud portfolio consists of an extensive set of network functions and automation process for the delivery and ongoing management of existing and new services. The portfolio can be deployed on various cloud environments and infrastructure platforms.

Session Border Controllers and Policy Control & Routing

Core Session Border Controllers

Edge Session Border Controllers

Policy Routing

VoIP Application Server and Call Controller

Application Server

Call Controllers

IMS Core




Telco Cloud Network


Cloud-Native Voice for Cloud-First Service Providers