Mobile Network Operators are reviewing the use of their legacy 2G & 3G spectrum, planning to re-farm it for enhanced 5G coverage, but this will have an immediate impact on voice services where those operators rely on the legacy technologies for their voice services, and on roaming subscribers visiting networks where 2G and 3G services have been shuttered.

The refarming of 2G & 3G spectrum that is driving the move away from circuit switched voice should not be service impacting. Instead it presents opportunities for MNOs to deliver enhances voice services and survive the disruption of 5G. 

Ribbon can help you bridge the gap between LTE / 5G and traditional voice networks for a unified communication experience, ensuring continuity of critical services by deploying a modern cloud-native IMS Core that supports 4G and 5G voice as well as VoLTE roaming and VoWiFi.

The Ribbon IMS Core solution combines robust IMS service functionality with the ability to securely and intelligently route high volumes of signaling (SIP and Diameter) and media packet at both the core and the edge of the network.

The Ribbon IMS Core solution offers flexible virtual or cloud-native deployment options in data centers, on private/ public/hybrid cloud infrastructure.  The solution can be seamlessly integrated with existing Packet Cores and Subscriber Databases to utilise existing LTE and 5G systems.

The Ribbon IMS Core supports S8 roaming, ensuring MNO subscribers who visit other networks where 2G / 3G services have already been shuttered can continue to make and receive calls on 4G & 5G.

The Ribbon Service Centralization and Continuity Application (SCC-AS) combined with the SBC support Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SR-VCC) allowing for calls to be handed over from VoLTE to circuit switched 2G/3G seamlessly, thus ensuring voice call continuity

Voice Continuity using PS Handover

Ribbon IMS Core for 4G/5G Voice

Ribbon brings decades of global experience enabling secure and scalable IP-IP and IP-TDM, voice & multimedia services.  Ribbon enables services deployed within and between diverse mobile and fixed IP networks, delivering session connectivity and interworking across diverse IMS and non-IMS networks.

Ribbon's IMS Core solution is deployed in Tier 1 Service Providers globally for secure VoLTE/IMS interconnect and roaming, supporting a robust suite of codecs and transcoding resources that can be efficiently sized and scaled according to network needs.

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