Healthcare institutions face unique communication and networking challenges. Their mission requires absolute reliability 24 x 7, with stringent disaster recovery plans. Most organizations are actively embracing technology to lower costs, improve patient care and respond to their staff's requests for mobility. At the same time, these same organizations have thousands of analog lines for patient rooms, elevators, emergency notification systems and even modems that have to be maintained. Simply upgrading legacy copper cabling to support IP can cost millions. And of course, privacy and regulatory mandates demand enhanced security in dealing with communications and Electronic Records.

Ribbon's Healthcare Resume

Ribbon has the privilege of supporting some the world's leading healthcare institutions including hospitals, medical arts facilities, research facilities and outpatient services. Many include sprawling campuses with dozens of building, thousands of beds and tens of thousands of staff. These organizations have turned to Ribbon to enable:

  • Carrier-grade communications with five 9s reliability and geo-redundancy
  • High-capacity, low-latency, resilient IP and Optical networking to securely connect the variety of sites in a healthcare network
  • Scalability that easily supports 5,000 or even 50,000 seats or more
  • High-density analog gateway support for patient rooms and legacy equipment
  • Military-grade encryption of media and signaling to secure communications
  • A Nortel heritage to upgrade legacy SL-100, CS2100 and CS1000 deployments
  • Innovative communication tools that enable practitioners to be mobile and fully connected
  • APIs and SDKs to enable application providers to embed communications in industry-specific applications

Focus on Security

Ribbon's delivers secure communications to medical facilities as well as remote users. Our solutions are uniquely qualified to transition organizations from TDM to IP while simplifying network elements, enabling new services and reducing expense from legacy voice-only networks. 

  • Ribbon SBCs protect the UC network, at wire speed throughput, from devastating DoS attacks, as-well-as maintain full session capacity while running multiple services. 
  • Ribbon SBCs performance capacity remains unaffected by heavy encryption or transcoding loads while thwarting network attacks.
  • Ribbon virtualized solutions deliver advanced functionality and high-end SIP services to small, medium and large facilities anywhere in the world – at a better value point.

Novant Health - 57,000 Lines, Zero Downtime Enterprise Solutions

Novant Health Case Study

Learn how Novant Health replaced their C2100 with the Ribbon AppServer and C20

IP and Optical Networks for Healthcare

Healthcare networks are undergoing digital evolution, to enable them to support a wide variety of bandwidth-hungry, delay-sensitive applications, cloud-based services, and digitized systems. These services, applications and systems are interconnected and, at the push of a button, provide real time information where and when it is required.

The communications network must support this digitization and real-time connectivity with the agility to support ever increasing capacity, dynamic traffic flows, performance guarantees and security. Ribbon’s IP Optical solution for healthcare provides healthcare network planners and architects with the platform the need to address the challenges they face as they digitize the healthcare network

Healthcare Network

Healthcare Network
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Enterprise UC Migration

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