As mid-large enterprises migrate from legacy to next-generation IP-based communications solutions, Ribbon’s SBC 5400 provides the optimal solution with proven network security, intelligent session control, robust media services and SIP normalization for interworking.

As part of Ribbon’s award-winning SBC portfolio, the SBC 5400 is It is specifically designed to address the unique challenges of real-time communications for reliability and availability. Ready-made to ensure quality of service for unified communications, collaboration and conferencing services, contact center services, and SIP trunking underpinning all those services.

SBC 5400 Attributes

  • Outstanding scalability: The capacity of the SBC 5400 can be easily expanded from a few hundred sessions up to 75,000 concurrent sessions by simple licensing upgrades.
  • Interface flexibility: Enterprises can easily switch between 1GB and 10GB interface with just a simple software license change.
  • Unparalleled performance: Competitive SBCs lose as much as half their call capacity when encryption is turned on for media (RTP) streams. However, the SBC 5400 easily supports just as many encrypted secure RTP sessions as it does with unencrypted media sessions.
  • Robust security: Third party functional testing, under the condition of a Denial of Service (DoS) flood attack on SIP-signaling and media ports, showed these attacks were successfully deflected and no legitimate calls were dropped.
  • Verified interoperability: Certified SIP interoperability with industry leading UCaaS and CCaaS solutions as well as multiple IP PBX vendors.
  • UCaaS certifications: As part the complete SBC portfolio, the SBC 5400 is certified for Microsoft Teams and can be deployed to enable Teams Direct Routing. It is additionally certified for Skype for Business and also for UCaaS providers Zoom and Ring Central.
  • US government certifications: JITC and FIPS-140-2 certified.



ribbon sbc 5400

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Managing SBC 5400

Ribbon’s SBC 5400 is managed from a centralized Ribbon Application Management Platform (RAMP) offering a complete Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security solution. Delivering intuitive, reliable, scalable and automated management, an enterprise can quickly configure SBCs, identify and remediate issues, deliver improved customer experience, and do so at reduced operational costs.

Ribbon Application Management Platform is designed using cloud native principles and can be deployed in multiple data center and public or private cloud environments, in standalone or high availability configurations, including options for geographic redundancy.

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