In today’s rapidly changing telecommunications landscape, delivering higher customer satisfaction, operating your network efficiently, ensuring network security and innovating new products & services are more difficult than it used to be. From Internet of Things (IoT), Over The Top (OTT) challenges, and mobile application growth through all the way to deployment of 5G network, there will be rich datasets on subscriber and network behavior, preferences, and needs. Powered by our big data analytics portfolio of Operations, Security and Monetization applications, you can grow your investment with numerous out of the box applications to speed up deployments and provide a significant return on investment.

Operations, Security & Monetization Applications



Leverage ML to deliver visibility troubleshooting, productivity, and reduce risks to service provider's network.



Detect many types of fraudulent activity and malicious attacks leveraging Ribbon's behavioral analytics and ML.



End-to-end marketing and sales services that helps you create an entire new business sales and marketing channel.

Powerful Visualization, Analyzing and Troubleshooting

Service providers need powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use analytics tools to visualize and monitor network performance.

With Ribbon Analytics in your network, you will be able to monitor the network for KPIs and key trends as well as troubleshoot and alert on QoE issues. This provides many benefits such as end-to-end network visibility, improved operational productivity, and efficiency, faster troubleshooting, service issue identification, and resolution.

Read a Solution Brief on our Ribbon Analytics: Application Portfolio.

Powerful Visualization, Analyzing and Troubleshooting

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Delivers a 360° understanding of IP data and real-time communications (RTC) usage enabling you to extract greater value for your end-users.

Automated Root Cause Analysis

Ribbon 5G Analytics

The Impact of Network Complexity

  • Difficulty meeting SLAs and QoE requirements
  • Reduced network visibility
  • Inefficient operations
  • Exposure to security attacks
  • Reduced time to market
  • Poor Customer experience

VoLTE / IMS Service Assurance