As services such as Unified Communications, Conferencing & Collaboration, and Contact Centers, continue their migration to cloud environments, it is critical that SBCs make that same transition so enterprises can be assured of the continuity of secure, reliable services.

Ribbon’s SBC Software Edition (SBC SWe), offers identical feature software to its award-winning SBC 5400 and SBC 7000 appliances – only without an appliance. This means enterprises have the flexibility to deploy in their SBCs multiple environments - their own data center, on their own private cloud, or utilize a public cloud.

With SBC SWe, enterprises can be assured they can use secure real-time communications without compromising scale and performance. Enterprises further save by only allocating virtual/cloud resources on demand.

The SBC SWe provides robust interworking for multiple signaling protocols, call admission control to manage traffic levels, multiple security features to protect privacy and ensure regulatory compliance, media (RTP) packet processing, and audio transcoding.

Benefits of Deploying on a Public Cloud

Enterprises are already deploying SBCs in their own private clouds and that makes sense based on specific requirements for ownership control and oftten specific privacy concerns. However, over the past 18 months the three major hyperscalers (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure) have all brought out offers that are aimed at enterprises deploying communication services on a public cloud.

By moving from a private to public cloud an enterprise has a lot to gain. They can achieve much faster time-to-market than having to procure, install, and implement the required compute, networking, and storage infrastructure on their own private cloud. They can reduce operating costs by eliminating the need for ongoing maintenance of the cloud infrastructure for an SBC because the public cloud provider handles this now. And they will gain flexibility and cost control when scaling SBC capacity, because public cloud resources are available on a subscription basis.

SBC SWe Deployment Flexibility Provides Choices

Ribbon’s cloud-native SBC SWe has you covered, whether your preference is a virtual environment in a data center, in your own private cloud or on a public cloud.

The SBC SWe can be instantiated in multiple virtual or cloud environments including:

Domain Hypervisors Network Functions Virtualization
Private DC VMWare, KVM -
Private Cloud VMWare, KVM Yes (OpenStack)
Public Cloud VMWare, KVM Yes (AWS, Azure, GCP)

The SBC SWe is available through a Ribbon channel partner, or via the AWS Marketplace

Download our SBC SWe Datasheet

View the SBC SWe datasheet for a detailed list of features and capabilities

Zoom Phone Local Survivability - ZPLS

Ribbon SBCs are certified to work in concert with Zoom Phone Local Survivability Software (ZPLS). Zoom’s ZPLS software is deployed on-site to provide basic calling services, if the Zoom cloud is unreachable. The software works in concert with a Ribbon SBC to provide local access to telecom services (PSTN) – via locally terminated SIP trunks or using traditional analog/digital PSTN lines. The ZPLS software is deployed on a virtual server and remotely managed by Zoom to make deployment easy. If the Zoom cloud is unavailable, ZPLS enables intra-site calling (including directory-based calling). Ribbon’s SBCs add PSTN access so users can place and receive calls to/from anywhere – keeping employees connected and customers happy. It’s an ideal solution to assure emergency services access at schools, healthcare facilities, or any other mission-critical organization. Learn more from our Blog Post

Managing SBC SWe


Ribbon’s SBC SWe is managed from a centralized Ribbon Application Management Platform (RAMP) offering a complete Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security solution. Delivering intuitive, reliable, scalable and automated management, an enterprise can quickly configure SBCs, identify and remediate issues, deliver improved customer experience, and do so at reduced operational costs.

Ribbon Application Management Platform manages SBC SWe deployed across multiple domains - data centers as well as private or public cloud environments. The platform itself is designed using cloud-native principles and can also be deployed in multiple data centers and public or private cloud environments in standalone or high availability configurations, including options for geographic redundancy.

Download our RAMP Datasheet

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