Apollo 9600 series allows selecting from a rich set of transponder, muxponder, ROADM and amplifier line cards to tailor solutions to meet each operator’s unique optical networking needs.
All line cards can be used across any of three sizes of platforms without any engineering restriction, to create right-sized solutions in every location.

Continuous technology improvements ensure that all solutions are upgradeable and future-proof via pluggable or line card swaps.

Highly Tailorable

Any blade in any slot without engineering rules.


  Apollo 9603 Apollo 9608 Data Center

Apollo 9603

Apollo 9608

Apollo 9608D

Apollo 9624

Size 2RU 5RU 5RU 15RU
Line Capacity 2.4T 6.4T 6.4T 19.2T
Clients 1/10/100/400GbE, to FC64, TDM, OTN
Line Rates 10G to 800G
Spectrum C + L Bands
ROADMs 20+ degree CDC-F; Alien wavelengths; Shared spectrum
L1 Encryption Service selectable with conventional and quantum key exchange
WSON Wavelength restoration
Monitoring Integrated optical and fiber health performance monitoring
Open Control OpenROADM and OpenConfig