Traditionally, IP/MPLS networks have been built from fully integrated routers. As services grow in complexity and customers’ needs become more dynamic, network operators have become increasingly interested in disaggregation as a mechanism for increasing network agility and controlling the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their networks.

Ribbon’s IP Wave rNOS supports both the integrated router and disaggregated router approach. It is purpose-built to operate across Ribbon’s integrated and disaggregated router solutions, ranging from the 1RU access router built for the distributed cell site gateway (DCSG), all the way through to the redundant modular, multi-RU high-availability aggregation and metro routers.

IP Wave rNOS

IP Wave rNOS Overview

Ribbon’s IP Wave rNOS is an industry proven NOS operating across the entire NPT portfolio. With IP Wave rNOS, network operators have full confidence of having consistent industry proven operational software regardless of the IP Router hardware, form factors, functionality, capacity they select to meet their operational needs.

The IP Wave rNOS also provides a seamless approach to introducing disaggregated routers, operating on certified ODM hardware merchant silicon.

In addition to common operations, IP Wave rNOS provides network operators with:
More choice:

  •     The same NOS can be used on integrated routers and/or ODM hardware in the same network
  •     Enables the economies of scale disaggregation brings by using of standard hardware.
  •     Allows selection of best-in-class ODM hardware for optimal price-performance

Reduced vendor lock-in

  • Adding new router hardware vendors to the network much simpler, no need for forklift upgrades

 Accelerated Network Innovation

  • Simpler and quicker to deploy innovative new ODM hardware with the next generation of merchant silicon
  • Simplified regression testing and proving of new software capabilities

IP Wave rNOS