Virtual and Cloud Native Edge Session Border Controller

Ribbon’s Session Border Controller Software Edition Lite (SBC SWe Lite) embodies Ribbon’s innovation, knowledge and expertise in a cloud-native solution.

Microservices design to optimize resource allocation, dynamic scaling, automated lifecycle management, are all attributes of the SBC SWe Lite, delivering edge SBC capabilities such as robust network security, overload controls, SIP normalization, SIP Recording, IPv4-IPv6 interworking, and audio transcoding.

The SBC SWe Lite provide interworking, security and survivability for hosted Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions and is certified for Microsoft Teams, ZoomTM, and BroadSoftTM, making it the ideal component for a managed services provider to deploy in their cloud or as a managed universal customer premises equipment (uCPE).

The SBC SWe Lite scales up and down very cost effectively, able to achieve as low a resource footprint with just one CPU and one GB of RAM, to support 100 concurrent SIP sessions.

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View the SBC SWe Lite datasheets for a detailed list of services & capacities

Delivering Microsoft Teams Survivability

The SBC SWe Lite supports Microsoft Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA). With SBA, Microsoft Teams users are able to make and receive calls to/from the public telephone network if Microsoft 365 becomes unavailable. Microsoft’s SBA services provide an additional level of resiliency and provides another way for service providers to add value to a managed Microsoft Teams offer.

Microsoft SBA services are tightly integrated into the SBC SWe Lite’s configuration wizard, making set-up and administration as simple as point and click. Ribbon eliminates any SBA related command line administration or stand-alone security certificate management.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Survivability Diagram

SBC SWe Lite Attributes


Certified for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing



Microsoft Teams SBA



Audio Transcoding



Automated Deployment

Yes - Simple Wizard


Signaling Only Session Capacity

(Dependent on VM type)


Session Capacity with Media Transcoding (G.711 – G.729)

(Dependent on VM type)


Number of vCPUs


Enabling Microsoft Team Direct Routing

RingLogix Secures its Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Offer

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Mobex Deploys SBC SWe Lite to Power Microsoft Teams Offer

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SBC SWe Lite Management

The SBC SWe Lite can be managed by either Ribbon’s EdgeView Service Control Center (SCC) or Ribbon’s Insight Element Management System (EMS).

The EdgeView Service Control Center (SCC) is the centralized interface to manage your Edge SBCs. It's graphical, easy to use interface enables centralized monitoring, troubleshooting, and resolution of issues with your Hosted UC and SIP Trunking network. EdgeView SCC assists in readily solving customer issues leading to lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Insight Element Management System provides a complete FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) solution with a robust portfolio of management and provisioning tools for the SBC SWe Lite. Insight EMS offers a mature, feature-rich management system providing a simple-to-use, graphical user interface and accelerated provisioning and management processes.

SBC SWe Lite Management Diagram

Ribbon’s Appliance-Based SBC Alternative on the Enterprise Premises

If required, to meet specific enterprise requirements, Ribbon also offers two appliance-based edge SBCs that run the same software as the SBC SWe Lite.

Ribbon’s SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 Session Border Controllers are alternative options to deliver security and interoperability when accessing cloud-based services. The SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 include multiple options to integrate traditional telecom devices via analog, BRI and T1/E1 ports. Both SBCs also include capabilities to maintain communications access if a WAN link is lost or a cloud service is unavailable.

Both SBCs are also certified for Microsoft Teams, ZoomTM, and BroadSoftTM. Like the SBC SWe Lite, a built-in deployment wizard is pre-populated with popular PBXs, cloud UC services and service provider configurations so deployment can be as simple as point and click.

Ribbon SBC 1000

Learn More about our SBC 1000 and SBC 2000